5 Best M1A Scope Mounts Review

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:32 pm

Do you know how necessary it is to have an excellent scope mount along with a great rifle like M1A? But you have to pick one out of a vast collection available in the market. Are you new? If so, that’s ok. Let me help you to make your decision easy.

But, first, you need to understand that an excellent rifle like M1A cannot perform well until it gets a dependable scope mount because it takes the stability of your shooting to the max.

If you want to take your shooting to a pro-level and do not want to leave a little room for the discrepancy for a perfect shooting venture, you need to acquire an outstanding mounting device for your scope. Because this is the instrument that fixes the scope on your rifle and gives you complete clarity and quick target acquisition capability, here, in this guide, I’ll tell you about the five best M1A scope mount collections that fulfill yours wants with a clear winning margin.

Table of Content:

  1. Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Riflescope Mounts
  2. UTG New Gen 4-Point Locking Deluxe M14/M1A Scope Mount
  3. Springfield MA4GENAM M1A 1-Pc Scope Mount
  4. S2Delta MK1 Cantilever Scope Mount
  5. M1SURPLUS Scope Mount Rail

Best Scope Mount for M1A Scout Squad

Give your M1A rifle more power by providing it a reliable mounting device, and enhance your capabilities to take your target down and fill your dining table with the prey you want to eat tonight. When you go to shoot on the field or in the mountains, you cannot have the exact placement of the bullet until your rifle scope is mounted blamelessly. So, are you interested in knowing what I have brought for you? Five Best M1A Scope Mount, let’s go into details of each one. 

1) Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Best Scope Mount for M1A

Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever Best Scope Mount for M1A
Construction materialHigh-quality Aluminum
Style2-inch offset
Supports tube30 mm
Model‎Sport Cantilever 1-Inch Mount
Warranty DescriptionUnlimited, lifetime
Grip sizeArrey
  • Correct eye relief placement
  • Aluminum construction
  • Lightweight rings 
  • Rugged and precise design
  • Budget amount for the money
  • Proper height for shooter’s comfortability

Are you seeking the best MIA scope mount? Then, the Vortex is the name you need to search about. You get the perfect height and desired ideal eye relief along with the monetary benefits. The Vortex is one of the most prominent names in scope mounts, and it keeps its unique identity and entity in the market.

The vortex Optics Sport Cantilever scope mount keeps a considerable forward space to mount it perfectly on the rifle. Now, I’ll tell you about the other perks and perquisites you get with this super mounting instrument.

Two Inch Offset Position

The two-inch offset stature of this vortex Optics Sport Cantilever scope mounts positions the mount on the forward location. Thus, it helps the shooter get the proper head placement mandatory for successful shooting practice. Moreover, it helps maintain the exact ideal eye relief to save the shooter from scope bite and takes your success chances to the sky’s height. 

Cantilever Ring Mount

The cantilever ring mount helps the tube center at the height of 1.59 inches above the surface of the rifle. And you can stretch it and adjust it even more. And that’s how you manage to get a crystal clear view of a long-distance target without bothering your neck, head, and eyes especially.

Moreover, to save yourself from the rifle’s recoil, it is necessary to maintain a proper eye relief distance; for doing so, you can read our well-written article on how to avoid a scope bite. If you follow the guide, you can ideally save yourself from any havoc caused by recoil

Aluminum Construction 

Aluminum construction gives extra smoothness to the movement of the scope mount from one place to another. Although nowadays, millions of hunters prefer to have aluminum fabric for their scope mount, if you get iron or some other material, you cannot achieve the desired results.

So keep in mind, do not ever compromise over the quality of material at any cost; it will make you pay through your nose later on in the field.  

Single Piece with Lightweight

A single piece is easy to handle, easy to install. It takes no extra tools to fix the mount on the rifle, and it keeps the weight light. A lightweight scope mount helps shooters stabilize the scenario quickly and supports quick target accession. Choose whatever scope mount, but the standardized one 

Make Purchase Decision

Stability matters the most. A good mount can serve you this feature well. This Vortex Optics Sport Cantilever scope mount can satisfy this inevitable need for a perfect shooting attempt.

It is super convenient to attach and detach; you do not need any mastery for doing it the right way. So, get rid of the complications, save your time and bullets. To enhance the smartness of your rifle and scope, give rise to the best M1A scope mount today.

2) UTG New Gen 4 Best Budget M1A Scope Mount

UTG New Gen 4 Best Budget M1A Scope Mount
ModelUTG 4-Point Locking M14-M1A
Warranty explanationLifetime
Total slots15
FabricAircraft-grade aluminum
Rail typePicatinny
  • One-piece engineering 
  • Solid construction from Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Fully lock tight installation options
  • No need for gunsmith, easy installment 
  • Rugged performance with budget benefits

The remarkable features and the best price make this UTG New Gen 4 scope mount the first choice of millions of American hunters. I have used it myself; as I told you, it was so smooth, easy to install, and easy to detach from the rifle scope. Moreover, it comes within a two-figure price, which is unbelievable when you look at its details. 

You can also develop your understanding of SKS mount, AR 15 scope mount; if you want so, read our extensive guide about the best AR 15 scope mount. Let’s get back to the details of UTG New Gen 4 scope mount one after another.

One Piece Engineering

Save your bullets, and place them right on the target by ensuring the utmost stability of your rifle scope. And for doing so, the UTG New Gen 4 scope mount can help you a lot. If you have it to grip your scope, you’ll be surprised by its tightening; on the other hand, you can easily remove it by using your hands. In addition, its single-piece engineering makes it more robust and durable. 

Moreover, it doesn’t go out of order if you throw any punishment at it; it can survive easily in rough conditions as well. So if you want the ultimate integration and stability, you can go for this mounting product with complete confidence. 

Side Plate Locking Points

You can quickly fix this UTG New Gen 4 scope mount on your M1A rifle by adjusting the screws on the side of it. These screws make the scope mount super-adjustable, and you can change its direction as per the need of the situation. You can tighten the screws a bit more for lock-tight installation and enjoy a completely stable and balanced view of the target. And you can move it as your target moves from one place to another.

Easy to Install 

I have experienced it myself; I found it the most accessible mounting device that you can quickly and conveniently install and uninstall. It takes no gunsmith to do this job, and you can do it on your own just by fixing some screws tight enough. You can go through an entire article on how to sight in scope to understand this. It will help you adjust the scope mount flawlessly, and you can enjoy a perfect shooting attempt.

Six Inch Fully Picatinny Rail

If you want to have a standard railing system for your mount and do not want to leave a single stone unturned in ensuring the stability and residence of the mount, you can go for this super-friendly mount for your M1A. Its six-inch Picatinny rail proves your decision right and makes you feel in a commanding position to change the direction of the scope mount whenever you need it. 

Make Purchase Decision

If you have gone through the details above, you must know how great this scope mount is. It provides you almost all the desired features anyone can think of, and at the best lowest price.

What do you need more than this? If you genuinely take your shooting and hunting as a significant part of your life, value your time by providing the best 30mm scope mount for M1A. You can create magic on the field by making an excellent pair of great rifles like M1A and unprecedented scope mounts such as UTG New Gen 4.

3) Springfield MA4GENAM Lowest Scope Mount for M1A

Springfield MA4GENAM Lowest Scope Mount for M1A
Supplier SKU68128
Category of the mountBases
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Type and pointsScope mount, 3 points contact
  • One-piece construction
  • Solid stock Aluminum material
  • Fully supports long term stability and strength
  • Fully high-end mount
  • Price friendly
  • Lightweight with solid fixation ability

It is not unexpected that Springfield Armory contributes some of the best scope mount scopes in the world of shooting and hunting. Out of a bunch of options, the MA4GENAM model is the finest one. It has a total of three points of contact, and you can use it with super ease.

It is not attachable with iron scopes, as its body is especially suitable for scopes made up of aluminum. You can also read our insightful article for the SKS Scope Mount if you have an SKS rifle. Let’s begin with the first champion feature of the best M1A scope mount.

Single Piece Construction

It would help if you used the Springfield MA4GENAM Gen 4 scope mount for your M1A; it secures your optical partner to provide you precise shots. There is no doubt about it that without a reliable firearm and a gem of stability provider scope mount, you cannot hit the target with the utmost perfection, and you lose your target and pay for misused bullets.

So, get your scope a dependable, well-integrated single-piece fixing device for a perfect shooting endeavor. The construction of this black matte makes it a reliable M1A scope mount for professional shooters.

Picatinny Style Rail

The Picatinny style rail is the standard interface setup used to provide optimum eye relief and ease of usability. It provides versatility for the eye relief setting of the scope and more mounting options than other mounting devices.

Usually, in the arms industry, it is taken as a standard component to move the scope from one surface to another, and it keeps the movement t so smooth and makes your way easy for shooting and coyote hunting. 

So, let’s not miss this-worldly trait and give yourself a new refreshing, unique experience of shooting by purchasing the best lowest scope mount for M1A. 

Solid Stock Aluminum Material

The material of the mount decides the strength and reliability. These days the aircraft-grade aluminum is excellently performing for scope mounts, and hunters and shooters love it because of its integrated solid thick layers that give the ultimate vitality to the mount’s body. Ultimately it helps the grip of the mounting device immensely. 

Lightweight with Proper Height

It is probably the most liked feature of this mounting instrument that you get a rugged mount that is very lightweight along with the proper height for the comfortability of the shooter. So, if you intend to take the game of shooting and hunting to the next level, you cannot make it up until you get an adequately weighted scope mount, save your eyes from scope bite, and give the required relaxation to your shoulder. 

Price Friendly with Uncompromised Performance

The comprisable quality performance, and if you get it within budget, even, you get to save a handsome amount of money, what else do you need for? The Springfield MA4GENAM Gen 4 scope offers you this unusual mix; by having this super mount, you can make your dreams come true by taking your prey down successfully.

Make Purchase Decision

As we discussed above, the Springfield MA4GENAM Gen 4 scope offers you the best solid construction with a single-piece tube. And it is outstanding when it comes to the stability of your rifle scope because its Picatinny rail gives extra support to move the scope mount whatever way you want it to be. So pull this M1A scope mount and start a journey full of confidence and composure.

4) S2 Delta MK1 Cantilever M1A Scope Mount Review

S2 Delta MK1 Cantilever, M1A Scope Mount Review
ManufacturerS2 Delta
Dimensions‎5.79 x 2.8 x 2.32
Rail typePicatinny (MIL-STD-1913)
Tube size30 mm
Material6061 aluminum
Total pieceOne piece
  • Durable Hard Coated Anodized finish
  • Perfect height for M1A
  • Single piece mount construction
  • Proper eye relief provider
  • 30 mm precise tube size 

S2 Delta MK1 Cantilever scope mount features are so alluring and helpful. You’ll love to use it, as it ensures 100% guaranteed performance on the field. To introduce your shooting to the new world of mounting perfection, you can go for this M1A scope mount. It comes with all other great traits such as.

Hard coat Anodized Covering

Its hard coat anodized covering gives complete protection to the mount’s body from every possible weather severity. You can easily use it in rain, fog, moisture, sunny daylight, on the ground, in the mountains, etc.

Moreover, it provides the optimum results by making your bullet release backed by the stability and balancing equations. So, to deal with extreme environmental changes, it is a better option.

30 mm Tube Size with Rugged Design

Designed fully precision, for rugged performance, and 30 mm tube size make it a worldly mix of great attributes. You can enjoy the serialized matching along with tight tolerance.

Ideal Eye Relief

It offers the correct forward offset to maintain the exact ideal eye relief, or it may severely hurt your eyes. No shooter can take a good shot until they get proper eye relief, and this relief distance depends on the mount’s design, height, and length. So, while buying a scope mount, keep this underrated but the most significant feature in mind because it will surely get you the best m1a scope mounting device.

Perfect Height

The S2 Delta MK1 Cantilever scope mount provides you a perfect height with the help of 30 mm tube size mounting on the Picatinny rail. If you do not give due value to the height of your scope mount, you are making a big mistake.

It will not allow you to relax your shoulders. Your posture will not be in an appropriate position to hit the target with convenience. And you cannot shoot and hunt for long hours. So, please pay for the height of the scope mount; it’ll return you way more than you invest in it.

Make Purchase Decision

It would help if you had a 100 % guaranteed performance-oriented scope mount; you want proper eye relief, and perfect height within budget, this S2 Delta MK1 Cantilever scope mount is the ideal choice for you to go.

It makes your shooting a worthwhile venture to follow and makes your time valuable by offering you the desired results, even more than that. I have used it myself on my M1A rifle and found it the finest and the best M1A scope mount so far.

5) M1Surplus Scope Mount Rail M1A Optic Mount

M1Surplus Scope Mount Rail M1A Optic Mount
Finish colorBlack
Rail typePicatinny/weaver
  • Compatible for the most weaver
  • Aluminium Alloy construction
  • Single piece finishing
  • Designed and assembled by the USA
  • Lowest Pricing range
  • 100% guaranteed quality grip

Suppose you are out hunting with your friends, and an adorable duck comes your way, and you pick your rifle up and take a shot, but it goes wrong, and you tried again and again, but it was futile. You know, it’s time to look at your mount because it has gone out of use, and you need to replace it with some reliable and dependable mounting instrument such as M1Surplus. So what are the details of this scope mount; I will tell you all for your ease, read the details below. 

Designed and Engineered in the USA

This beautiful M1Surplus Scope Mount Rail is fully designed and engineered in the USA and is available only in the USA. So if you are reading from somewhere else, this is not for you. You may choose one from above or below as you want.

Its cut-to-cut design gives it sharp looks and makes the shooter feel more confident than ever before. It keeps you thriving for a better experience of hunting and shooting. So, always prefer to choose the best M1A scope mount without compromising over the quality at all. 

Aluminum Construction

Hunters know the value of aluminum alloy when it comes to rifle scopes and scope mounts. It is one of the most popular fabrics, materials for producing the most reliable and durable scope mounts. I have used this material myself and found it the best.

You can also try to explore a new world of durability and reliability in the field. It keeps your morale higher and makes you think of getting long-distance prey, and helps you do so with its perfect body. After using it, you’ll indeed acknowledge that it is the best scope mount for M1A.

Finish with Solo Piece

Every scope mount doesn’t come in a single piece, and not every single piece scope mount is good enough to serve your purpose. So, you need to rely on my experience, as I have been using different scope mounts for more than ten years now. However, this M1Surplus Scope Mount Rail comes with a single piece and the maximum integration to make your hunting unquestionable. 

Weather Resistant

You can take your prey down by using it in rough and harsh weather conditions, on different surfaces, whether it’s flat ground or a rocky mountain; it helps you fix your rifle scope with great strength. However, to keep it in the exact position, you also need to have an excellent tripod. Which one to choose, to know this secret, read our manual about the tripod for a spotting scope, it will surely lead you to your desired one.

Suitable Price

One of my favorite and probably everyone’s favorite features is to save money on shopping, but not at the cost of quality. This M1Surplus Scope Mount Rail offers generously and makes you feel you have the lowest scope mount for M1A.

For having one, go through the best muzzleloader scope article and enjoy the happiness of the right decision. Anyways, you can save a handsome chunk of your budget by purchasing this M1Surplus mount and can have the maximum satisfactory results for your shooting. 

Make Purchase Decision

If you want to acquire the best budget scope mount, with all the excellent features that any big brand can offer you, you can go for this M1A scope mount super faithfully. It won’t disappoint you on the field and will provide you beyond your expectations. You can enhance your target acquisition ability to the max by using this amazing and the best M1A scope mount.

Best M1A Scope Mount Review Guide

You have the five most reliable and pre-tested options for the best M1A scope mount; now, you need to go through this buying guide and make a comparison between this guide’s points with the features of the above-mentioned scope mounts.

You’ll find each one very near to comply with almost all the points I will explain in this guide. And the best out of these you can go for after that.

Before you make the final decision of purchasing a scope mount for your M1A, make sure the points given below are there in that scope’s features list.

Construction Material

The construction material of any product matters the most for optimum performance. Nowadays, if we talk about scope mounts, aircraft-grade aluminum is the best fabric to go for. It is so popular, durable, weather-resistant, and a quality stability provider.

So, you can have so many options in the market in different materials but go for the one made up of fully aircraft-grade solid aluminum stock. It will surely make you feel having the best M1A scope mount is in use.

Rail Type

There are two major types of rails available in the market for scope mounts, such as the Picatinny and Weaver. Usually, the Picatinny rail offers a more profound and broader range of slots. On the other hand, the Weaver provides limited slots.

And you can place the slot anywhere it fits the surface of the rifle. But the common perception that prevails amongst the hunters and professional shooters is that the Picatinny rail is a bit greater than weaver.

Eye Relief Option

What if you get an expensive scope mount with all the great and alluring features, but it doesn’t offer the required and appropriate eye relief distance? It would be best if you left it immediately.

Never go for the scope mount that doesn’t provide a vast eye relief option. Or else get ready to take a scope bite on your eye, forehead, or face. To avoid such hazards, choose the one with a suitable eye relief distance option.

Height of Scope Mount

The height of the scope mount matters a lot. It is one of the fundamental features you should look into in an excellent scope mount. If it is not weighted perfectly, you may not be able to get a good head position. And that will impact your shooting vastly.

So, to avoid such mistakes and problems, make sure your scope mount offers you at least more than 1.5 inches in height. If you look at the scope mounts, I have added in this article; all are generous in providing the perfect height for an ideal shooting position.

Offset Position

It is the standard measurement of eye relief for offset forward. The area of mounting your scope decides the offset forward placement. If it’s wide, you can go for higher offset forwards, and if it’s narrow, you’ll have to go for the less offset forward. But it would be best to go for the bigger offset forward as it plays a vital role in providing the vast eye relief distance to the shooter.

Price with Quality

Price pulls, and price pushes. It is so simple that we always look up to save some money on our shopping, and it’s amusing for sure.

So, the thing you need to keep in mind that find out the best pair of low prices with a great quality provider, which is quite rare. But you can have it by opting for any of the scope mounts included in this article, all are price friendly, and you will find the optimum quality provider mounts in all aspects.

Who Use the Best M1A Scope Mount?

The M1A rifle is the primary choice for military use, hunters, and shooters. Military personnel loves it immensely, but it has no restrictions for the hunters and shooters as well. When you intend to shoot in rough extreme environmental conditions, you will need the m1a scope mount for sure. It helps your scope to be fixed with the utmost stability on your M1A rifle.

So, if you are a hunter, shooter, combat fighter, or military personnel, you get equally enjoy the benefits of the best M1A scope mount. To achieve the ultimate results, make sure it is fixed perfectly, and there is no room for further fixation.

If it is, fix that up right away, and then go for your shooting or hunting venture with the utmost confidence.



After using almost all these scope mounts and studies a lot about their features, pros, and cons, I concluded that the best M1A scope mounts you can have is the Springfield MA4GENAM M1A 1-Pc, Scope Mount. It fills all the mandatory needs of an excellent scope mount and allows the shooter to have the optimum perfect shots by ensuring the ultimate stability of the scope. In addition, it comes within budget, offers lightweight with rugged uncompromised performance. Moreover, its Picatinny rail helps you maintain a standard shooting equipment protocol for the precise hunting endeavor.