Best AR 15 Scope Mounts with Extended Skeleton

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:32 pm

Which scope mount you need for mounting your scope well is a tricky subject to understand. It takes experience, knowledge, and mastery in rifles, scopes, mounts, and other accessories. If you are new to this field, you must take advice from someone with experience. Anyhow, you don’t even need to find that one as well. Because I am there for you to guide you at every step you need guidance.

There are several brands; manufacturers are producing scope mounts and other accessories. Then how would you choose the one best for you? I will tell you all in this article. You would love this collection I gathered in this guide and find each one with ultimate satisfactory features.

So, let’s get to know about the best AR 15 scope mount in detail.

Top 5 AR 15 Scope Mounts with Iron Sight

1) Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever Rifle Scope Mount

  • Cantilever mount for mounting 1-inch
  • Correct eye relief
  • Aluminum construction
  • Fully forward-oriented offset mount
  • Cantilevered for ideal weight distribution
  • Backed by the Vortex Limited Lifetime Warranty

2) Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R. Rifle Scope Mount

  • Proper Eye Position Ready
  • Provides optimum eye relief
  • An entire field of view for ultimate accuracy
  • Quick detach option
  • Single unit ring base
  • Ring top Picatinny rails

3) American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD Riflescope Optic Mount

  • Superior Clamping Surface
  • Machined with full precision
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Designed, Machined, and Assembled in the USA
  • High power glass
  • QD auto lock lever system

4) Warne Scope Mounts 20MOA Extended Skeletonized 30mm

  • Additional elevation adjustment
  • Lightweight with Integrity
  • Extra 1 Inch cantilever forward design
  • Optic at the Ideal Height
  • Dual tactical nut attachment
  • Skeletonized aluminum body

5) MOUNKING 30mm Dual Rings Cantilever Scope Mount

  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Precision-machined from 6061
  • Cantilevered mounts Picatinny base
  • Hard-Anodized surface treatment
  • Recoil braking achieve zero displacement
  • Hardened steel Torx hardware

1) Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever Best AR 15 Scope Mount for the Money

Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever Best AR 15 Scope Mount for the Money
FinishingMatte Aluminum
Tube diameter30 mm
Ring height1.59
Weight6.7 oz
Weather-resistantYes, fully
Mount typeTorx 15 Mounting Bit
Warranty descriptionUnconditional, unlimited for lifetime
Model name‎Sport Cantilever 1Inch Mount 2Inch Offset

The Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever scope mount allows you to equip your AR 15 for the perfect shooting experience. There are different brands in the market, producing mounts with so many varying features, but you do not find the one with almost all great traits. So here, I came up with this incredible mounting device for your AR 15 rifle. What are the features it carries, are given below? 

Forward Oriented Offset

A forward-oriented offset mount allows the shooter to take a proper head position and eye relief distance. It helps the shooter take the shot with the ultimate solace he needed to take a successful shot. It doesn’t matter how expensive a rifle you own; it’s the style you handle it.

And if you have a great supportive mount, it’ll become so easy for you to control the rifle even in severe conditions. So, keep observing this beautiful device and offer the Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever to gain ultimate satisfaction. 

Ideal Weight

This scope mount comes with a great lightweight, and it contributes the least to the weight of your shooting setup as a whole. However, the more you increase the weight of the mount, the more it will become difficult for you to handle the rifle quickly.

Because heavier weight machines imbalance your shot, and you have to face missing shots. So, always select the mount with ideal lightweight. Fortunately, this Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever mount offers the least weight of 6.7 oz, which is relatively minimal. 

Best for 30 mm Scopes

It is designed for 30 mm scopes and telescopic sights especially. If you use a 30 mm scope on your AR 15 rifle, you will not find a better option than this Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever scope mount. So go for it with full faith. It will not disappoint you because I added it to the list of five best AR 15 scope mounts after testing it myself. 

One-Piece Construction

Another great feature is its one-piece construction, which gives extra strength and integrity to its body. It keeps all the parts connected at a central point. It also offers two integrated rings. So, shooters keep this feature in their priority list as it goes a long way ahead. 

Optimum Performance with Affordability

If you seek a scope mount with optimum performance within a low price range, you got to this page’s right platform. This Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever mount is the answer to your question. It’s so cheap as far as the price is concerned and high-performance-oriented when providing results. So, select this super great scope mount for your AR 15 rifle today.

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If you are a quality-conscious person and like to save money on shopping, this isn’t the best choice you can have today. This Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever scope mount offers the least price comparatively, with the promising performance you won’t even find out in some big brands. So, save money, enjoy your shooting with a high-quality optical helper in your AR 15 rifle. 

2) Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R Dual Scope Mount AR 15

Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R Dual Scope Mount AR 15
Mount’s weight8.3 oz
Mounts’ length10 inches
Warranty descriptionUnlimited, forever
Model name410343
Style‎Standard Mount with Picatinny Tops
Sport typeHunting

If you want to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of your rifle and its accessories, you need to buy things carefully. The scope mount is one of the essential components, as if you have the most fabulous pair of rifle and scope but do not have a standardized scope mount, this pair will not work for you.

A mount must be aligned perfectly, intense, and immovable holding. You can get all this by having Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.Rscope mount for your AR 15.

Max Eye Relief

With the help of the Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R mount, you can position your scope 2 inches forward, which helps you maintain a suitable and appropriate eye relief. In addition, you can save your eyes, face, and forehead from any potential harm caused by the recoil of the rifle.

So, do not miss this super excellent holding device, and keep your scope and yourself in the safe clutch of this beautiful mount. Using this device makes you feel you have finally come across the best AR 15 scope mount with iron sights. So, get it today.

Both Smooth & Picatinny Ring Tops

This super magical Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R scope mount comes with both smooth and Picatinny ring tops, which are perfect for competitive shooters, hunters, and duty officers.

Therefore, you can have it for multipurpose; whether you use it for shooting or for hunting, it is equally impressive in performance to the max in any situation. So, if you want to have a complete package of attractive traits, you need to order this super handy device today. 

Mount for all Occasions

Hunters and shooters love this mount because it provides the optimum performance for all types of shooting and hunting. And it never disappoints you to be lacking in performance. You can mount your rifle in a weaver or Picatinny rail; it is made for all surfaces you want to use. So, go for it without hesitation. The Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R keeps your expectations high because it lives up to those all.


The Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R scope mount is heavenly excellent for the durability of the same. Moreover, it is probably the best optical holding partner that goes a long way ahead with the lifetime of the scope and rifle.

So, if you are fed up with the frequent breakdown of your mount, and you want to get rid of this problem, buy this super extraordinary Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R scope mount today. It will make you feel using the best scope mounts for ar 15. 

Quick Detach Option

Another fantastic feature from the list is it’s quick detaching. You can separate this mount within seconds, and it allows you to get it fixed again in the same amount of time. It helps you save your time and focus on the prey by providing your max ease and comfort.

Additionally, this detach option makes it easy for the shooter to switch iron sights, change optics, or maintain zero reliability. You can enjoy this worldly feature by ordering Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R scope mount anytime, 24/7.

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If you have gone through all the features cited above, you must be in good knowledge of how this Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R scope mount is the most suitable option to use for your AR 15. If you want to have the extraordinary strength and grip of the mount, you need to get this product eight away.

Because it offers you alternatives for mounting on any occasion, it’s durable and dependable, provides smooth and Picatinny ring tops, and many more. So, this Burris Optics 410344 P.E.P.R scope mount is the answer to all your questions regarding high rise scope mounts for AR 15. 

3) American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD, Lightweight Scope Mount

American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD, Lightweight Scope Mount
FinishingT3 Mil-Spec Anodize
Attachment Type:Picatinny
Weight of the mount8.4 oz
Design typeCantilever
Warranty descriptionLimited, lifetime
The material used in construction6061 T6 Aluminum
The length of the mount is4 inches
Hand orientationLeft/Right

Choosing a scope and its mount is quite tricky; after selecting a mount for your rifle, installing the same is another challenge. It means if you are new to this field, you have to face difficulty at all steps. But, don’t worry, by reading this article, you will understand which mount you have to choose for your AR 15.

Here, in this manual, I added this super American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD, one of the best AR 15 scopes mounts, to make your decision easy for you. This scope mount is just marvelous; read it thoroughly.

No Proprietary Tools Needed

Once you have selected this scope mount for your AR 15, now you will fix it on your rifle. Of course, it is not an easy job to do so, especially when you know nothing about it.

But fortunately, you don’t need any other Proprietary tool to adjust this scope, and you can easily control it with the help of your fingers. Or else, you need a flat screwdriver as your assistant in the process. So, get this great mount to fix your scope unshakably. 

Superior Clamping Surface

The American Defense AD-RECON, 30 STD scope mount, comes with a magically Superior clamping surface to ensure the engagement of the rail to the max. It gives extra smoothness and strength to the overall body of the mount to get it fixed unbreakably.

You will not need any other product to fix it on the surface, as it keeps the engaging ability with the rail in itself. All you have to do is to fix it properly on your AR 15 rifle. 

Precision Machined

One of the most important features is its machining, which is done through precision and integrity. A product that comes for fixation should be able to hold things tightly. The body of this mount is entirely made up of Aluminum and does not get affected by any harmful components from the inner and outer environment as well.

Its accurate and unquestionable design makes this device an indispensable scope mount for AR 15. So, let’s give it a try to celebrate the natural health of a scope mount.

Fully Adjustable Design

The design and construction of this scope mount are amazingly adjustable. Whether you fix it in its specs or out of specs, it can fit with both of them. Its fully adjustable design makes it easy for the shooter to fix this mount or remove it any second.

It doesn’t bother the shooter at all by any means. You get the ultimate solace by having this American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD scope mount for your AR 15. And that’s why people consider it the best AR 15 scope mount of all time.


No product can look good and perform better until it gets the best and proper finishing. Fortunately, this American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD scope mount is highly recommended because of its finest finishing.

It is finished with coat type 3 Mil-Spec anodized to make this scope mount a rock-solid device to hold the scope tightly with the rifle. And provide you with the top quality view of the target without any trouble. So if you are a person who likes products with lovely finishing touches, you need to get this one right away.

Make Purchase Decision

If I ask you the reason why not choose this scope mount, do you have any? Of course not. Because of all the outstanding characteristics you need, or you anticipate in any excellent, branded scope mount, you get all those in this American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD scope mount.

It provides you ultimate immovable performance, perfect finishing, no additional products to get it fixed on the surface of your AR 15, and unending adjustability. So, what else do you need for your AR 15 rifle scope mount? Get it today to give your scope the best holding partner.

4) Warne 20MOA Extended Skeletonized AR 15 Scope Mounting Options

Warne 20MOA Extended Skeletonized AR 15 Scope Mounting Options
Ring heightUltra-high
Model name‎20MOA, Extended Skeletonized 30mm MSR Mount
Package weight0.25 kg
Mount’s length6.5 inches
Mount’s height3.58 inches
SizeOne size

This mount offers the 20 MOA built-in slope to support long-range shooting and hunting. It also allows the shooter to adjust the windage and elevation settings to a great extent. Usually, you do not find these rare qualities in a cheap scope mount.

But here in Warne 20MOA Extended Skeletonized scope mount, you get all this with other perks and perquisites. Therefore, I have added a list of features you can enjoy by having this scope mount on your AR 15 rifle.

20 MOA Built-In Slope

This scope is designed the way it offers 20 MOA built-in slope that fully supports your long-range shooting and hunting. It allows the scope to engage the target even if it is moving. You get the super immoveable mounting surface when you fix it once.

It does support your movement of the rifle but does not leave room for leniency in tightening up the scope on the gun. So, this is one of the rarest but outstanding features in a tremendous scope like Warne 20MOA Extended Skeletonized. 

Extra Elevation & Windage Adjustment 

The Warne 20MOA Extended Skeletonized comes with extra elevation and windage adjustment that support your long-range vision up to 600 yards, which is quite impressive. Because it leaves no stone unturned in providing a clear, high-quality image of the target, you can increase your success chances by using this mount for your AR 15 rifle. If you haven’t enjoyed the luxury feel of the mount, get this one right away. 

Machined from Aluminum 6061

No product can perform to the max until it gets the finest material for making, and fortunately, this Warne 20MOA Extended Skeletonized scope mount comprises 6061 aluminum solid stock. Whatever punishment you throw at this mount, it won’t go out of order and will provide you with unbreakable high-quality performance.

No matter what environmental condition you are shooting in, it can survive easily and won’t allow the weather conditions to impact the visual quality. 

Lightweight & Durable

If you want your rifle scope to perform optimally, you need to keep its weight light at any cost. Or else it will disturb the balance and cause you to miss the target. Usually, mounts are heavier in weight.

To ensure durability, people choose these mounts; later, they realize they have made a mistake because a heavy mount creates difficulty in focusing on the target, particularly when it’s constantly moving. So, never go for heavier ones, but choose this Warne 20MOA Extended Skeletonized; it is lightweight and durable at the same time. 

Proper Eye Relief

Last but not least, one of the primary needs for perfect shooting is an ideal distance for eye relief. Without having a proper eye relief distance, you cannot shoot perfectly and effectively.

Furthermore, you may have to face severe injuries because of the unavailability of adequate eye relief. So, you can get all these features in one scope mount; how amazing it is. So, let’s not waste time anymore and buy this best AR 15 scope mount now. 

Make Purchase Decision

If you want to acquire the best optical helping assistant for your AR 15, you need to buy this Warne 20MOA Extended Skeletonized mount. It offers almost all those excellent traits which you do not find in one mount mainly.

Its ideal eye relief makes it comfortable, and its lightweight makes it easy to operate and control; its 20 MOA built-in slope enables you for long-range shooting and more. So, I would strongly propose you have this extraordinary scope mount for your AR 15.

5) MOUNKING 30mm Dual Rings Cantilever Scope Mount for AR15 Flat Top

MOUNKING 30mm Dual Rings Cantilever Scope Mount for AR15 Flat Top
Rings diameter30 mm
Rings spacing2.52
MaterialAluminum 6061
FinishingHard coating
Length of the mount5.89 inches
Rail typeflat-topped Picatinny rail
UsageScope rings for Picatinny rail

Most shooters invest in branded rifles and pay enormous sums for scopes but ignore the significance of a scope mount. Remember that it is a standard mount that gives your shooting and hunting a protected and safe touch.

You freely lick in the target and hit it from a long distance because of a good mount. It allows you to take shots in any situation you are in, and it gives an ultra-holding power to your scope on your AR 15 rifle. The MOUNKING 30mm Diameter Dual Rings Cantilever scope mount keeps all those traits you wish for in a scope.

Precision Machined

It is absolutely a valuable device for AR 15 and machined with precision. Its body is made up of solid aluminum 6061-T6, which provides extra integrity and strength to the mount’s body. It keeps the mount repeatable, reliable, and dependable for all conditions.

It can easily survive in all weather severities and provides you with the best mounting survive with your AR15. If you haven’t used it yet, do it now. It is an excellent best performer scope mount for AR 15 rifles especially.

Forward Scope Positioning

This scope mount offers an excellent one-piece design along with dual ring tops. Moreover, it sets your scope at forwarding positioning for optimum eye relief. Usually, it gets 2 inches ahead, but you can maintain it according to the scenario.

Eye relief is a matter no one can deny its significance. So, always select the scope mount that offers you maximum eye relief; it protects you from any danger coming your way with the rifle’s recoil. 

Usually, it happens when you pull the trigger and try to hit your target. So, enjoy this indispensable feature with MOUNKING 30mm Diameter Dual Rings Cantilever scope mount.

Cantilevered Mounts Picatinny Base

This scope is designed to resist the recoil and make it stop to help you avoid a scope bite. Moreover, its mechanism is fully equipped with Torx screws, which helps to retain it zero even against the harshest recoil.

This technology is rare in scopes, but you get this in an affordable price range with this MOUNKING 30mm Diameter Dual Rings Cantilever holding device. So, enjoy this out-of-the-box feature now.

Exemplary Clamping Surface

Another great feature of this MOUNKING 30mm Diameter Dual Rings Cantilever scope mount is its outstanding clamping surface, which helps the mount engage with rail to the max. In addition, it allows the scope to position two inches forwards, which creates an ideal eye relief distance.

No matter what situation you are shooting or hunting, it keeps your eye relief to the optimum level and helps you even engage your target with its movement. So, if you need a lightweight scope mount with the optimum performance, order this one now. 

Accuracy with Affordability

One of the most alluring traits of this scope is its affordability, not at the cost of accuracy and quality at all. You get all these in this scope mount. It keeps your shot accurate and makes sure it places right on the point without missing a single round.

Moreover, you get this much reliable accuracy at a super affordable price. So, if you want to save money and do not want a compromised quality device, this device is for you. Go, get it for your AR 15.

Make Purchase Decision

There are several reasons to choose this scope mount for your AR 15; if you just read some illustrated above, you may know how great this scope mount is. It is one of the most honest and durable mounts I have ever come across so far.

You can freely go for this lightweight and reliable MOUNKING 30mm Diameter Dual Rings Cantilever for AR 15. It creates magic on this specific rifle and provides the best results beyond your expectations. 

Buying Guide for Best Scope Mounts for AR 15

If you own an AR 15 gun and have bought a good scope for that, now you need to choose the suitable scope mount. And it is quite a challenging task to do. But, don’t bother yourself with this because I will tell you all about scope mounts and how you should wisely choose the best AR 15 scope mount for your rifle.

So, what are the things you should keep in mind when shopping for a scope mount? So, let’s get started with the first point from the list.


Some rifles keep holes on the surface, specifically bolt action rifles. These holes help the process of attaching the scope with the mount successfully.

Some scope use rails for purpose; some use screws to tighten together with rifle and mount. So, you need to know what type of surface your scope has; that’s what helps you decide what kind of mount you should go for.

To make this riddle easy to solve, I have put in the best five scope mounts in this article. Select one that suits you the most.

Quick Attach/Detach

Before buying a scope mount, you need to understand how simple the mechanism of attaching and detaching the mount is. If it’s complex and takes too much time to attach the mount, you shouldn’t buy it.

The same goes for the detach process. It helps the shooter lock in the target sharply, without consuming an undue second more. So, save your time, keep your rounds, and get the target down successfully with the best scope mount.


The weight of the scope and mount matter a lot. Experienced shooters always prefer lightweight accessories, unlike heavier ones, which are not suitable for a stable and balanced shooting experience.

The scopes I added in this manual are all light weighted and deliver the result optimally. So, you can pick any of them that suits your rifle the most.

Usually, lightweight mounts are not durable, and they break down during the shooting, or the screws can go out of order and cause missing the target. But, here, you get the best combo of both lightweight and durable.

Proper Eye Relief Distance

No matter how beautiful a scope mount looks, no matter how strong and durable it is, if it’s not offering a proper eye relief for the safety of your eyes, face, and forehead, it’s nothing but a piece of scrap near me.

I have been using the AR 15 for years and concluded that an excellent scope mount with an appropriate eye relief distance is necessary for this rifle. Or else it can become the biggest mistake of your life. So, get one with maximum eye relief. It should be almost 4 inches at least. 

Construction Material

It is one of the primary factors to decide what scope mount you should choose. The construction of the mount tells its life, accuracy, and durability. If you want all these things for a long time ahead, you need to choose the scope mount rationally.

If it is full of aluminum material, it is best for the rough conditions and will resist the weather with a winning margin. It may be varied, but you need to choose one with aluminum; it proves better than the rest of the scope mounts I have used myself. So, buy one from the five included in this article with full faith. 

Extraordinary Clamping Surface

The more your mount clamping surface will be superior, the more it will be engaging with the rail of the scope, so you should always select the mount with an excellent clamping surface, as it gets fixed unquestionably, and creates a stronger bond with scope.

It also improves the smoothness in moving the rifle and the scope and mount for targeting the prey. It keeps your moving flow so smooth and gets your target on your dining table certainly. 

Final Buying Considerations

Once you have picked a scope mount by observing its features and functionality, take a second and consider a couple of things more before placing the order. 

Check the height of your mount, provide you with enough clear vision with the straight head positioning, and check if the rings are tall enough not to mess with the scope during shooting. If these things are answered satisfactorily, go for the scope mount without a doubt. 



The job of a great mount is to place the optic in the correct position. After giving more than a decade to rifles, scopes, and mounts, I have come across many best and odd combinations of rifles and accessories. Based on this extensive experience, I recommend you have the Vortex Optics Sports Cantilever Rifle Scope Mount Scope mount for your AR 15. I didn’t find any other mount better than this one on AR 15.

So, feel free to order this super startling helping device for your optical partner. It provides you with the best ideal eye relief, along with its unending adjustability on different occasions. So, if you want to enjoy the pairing romance of an excellent scope with a great mount, go for the recommended best AR 15 scope mount with utmost confidence.