Best SKS Rifle Scope Mount Review

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:32 pm

It’s been more than 75 years, SKS rifles are tremendously liked by millions of shooters and hunters around the globe. However, if you want to enhance its target acquisition capabilities, you will need a great and robust mounting device.

If you have read this article so far, it means you are looking for an excellent SKS mount for your rifle. Fortunately, it is the best platform you have reached over for an SKS scope mount.

After spending so many years in this field, I have experienced many bad, good, and best scope mounts on different rifles. Based on these experiences, I prepared this manual for your ease to avoid the mistakes I made when I was new to this field like you are now. To make your first shopping a remarkable experience, I have gathered the best five SKS scope mounts here.

5 Best Scope Mounts for SKS Rifle

  1. SKS See-Thru Scope Mount
  2. Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount
  3. Feyachi SRM12 Scope Mount
  4. SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever Rifle Scope Mount
  5. WEAVER Multi-Slot Base System

Check out all these details below to choose the best SKS scope mount for your rifle.

1) SKS See-Thru Chinese SKS Scope Mounts

SKS See-Thru Chinese SKS Scope Mounts
Brand nameSKS
Weight of the scope mount0.8 pounds
Length of the scope mount5.3 inches
Width2.5 inches
Height2.2 inches
Sport typeHunting
  • Solid Fit
  • Durable and dependable
  • Low Price
  • Holds zero tightly
  • Easy to fix
  • Attach and detach convenience

There is a vast collection of SKS available in different designs, models with unique features. The SKS manufacturers offer a great variety of SKS See-Thru, Scope Mount to accommodate the variances and differences of components between the SKS rifles.

I have tested almost all the scope mounts for SKS and came with this super amazing SKS See-Thru, Scope Mount to provide you an ultimate satisfactory shooting and hunting experience. What are the other benefits you get with this scope mount, let’s get to know them.

Durable Design

If you see the design of this SKS See-Thru, Scope Mount, you will be happy with its innovative and creative standardized design for meeting all the needs of a perfect shooting venture. No feature can compensate for the durability of a scope mount.

It is the one that ensures the maximum success rate of your shooting by providing you a constant defensive and durable design. It works equally in all types of environmental ailments. Get it once; you’ll love it for sure.


Most shooters seek price-friendly scope mounts, and they get price-friendly scope mounts at the cost of quality of the same. It is not the right way to shop for a scope mount. Because this substandard mount will annoy you during the shooting, and it will not allow you to enjoy your shooting without any trouble. 

So, if you need a price-saving mount with good quality for premium performance, you need to order SKS See-Thru, Scope Mount today. 

Ideal for Red-Dot and Long-Range Scopes

This extraordinary helping device is suitable for both red-hot and long-range scopes. You can use it for targeting your prey from a long distance, even if it is moving. It helps you provide a stable visual scene without tumbling.

All you need to do is to fix it on the surface of the rifle tightly. There should not be any room for flexibility; if it’s there, you may not be able to place the round right on the target. 

No Drilling or Tapping

Another amusing feature of this scope mount is that it is so easy to use. You do not need to drill any hole to fix it on the rifle. With the help of some minor fittings, and fillings you can fix it super firmly. For doing so, you will have to remove the present receiver cover and replace it with this one. And you are good to go shooting with a reliable mounting partner. 

Attach and Detach Convenience

Usually, scope mounts are not easy to attach to the rifle and create complications if you detach them. So, it would help if you had an easy remove and easy to add scope mount for a quick shot of the target.

You cannot lock in the target quickly and effectively if you do not get one with a strong attachment and detachment feature. Ultimately you will have to compromise your target because of this irritating problem. So, get this SKS See-Thru, Scope Mount for taking your shooting to the next level.

Solid Fit

Its structure is a solid fit and is made up of a solid stock of aircraft-grade aluminum. 

All the parts are incredibly integrated, and with the help of some screws, you can easily fox it on your SKS rifle. An attractive design is good, but a solid one is necessary. So, do not compromise over the structure’s durability and dependability at any cost; it will pay you back way more than you imagine. So, let’s bestow your rifle with a long-lasting mounting partner today. 

Make Purchase Decision

If you pen down all the features you can have in a significant scope mount, and you will find almost all those in one, will you buy that scope mount or not? Of course, yes. So, this SKS See-Thru, Scope Mount lives up to four expectations fully and offers you a range of sophisticated features that you do not find in one place usually.

For getting one, you have to leave one, but not in this scope mount. Here, you get all this within an affordable pricing range. What else do you need? Place the order for gaining the ultimate peace of mind.

2) Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount for Rifle

Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount for Rifle
Mount’s length12.28 inches
Height1.81 inches
Brand nameMagwedge
Weight5 ounce
Picatinny rail dimensionStandard 1911
  • Thick platform
  • Prevent realigning
  • High quality steel material
  • Accuracy with Affordability
  • One-piece construction

If you seek stability and resilience in scope mount, then the Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount is the best option for you to go with. It is an amazingly ultra stability provider to your rifle while shooting on the field and doesn’t allow your rifle and scope to go unmatched at all.

The scope mounts I have tested and used over the years are the lightest and most reliable scope mount I have ever come across. In addition, it provides so many other attractive details such as.

Thick & Hard Platform

The construction of this Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount is very thick and complex; it does leave any space for flexibility when performing in severe weather conditions especially. Whatever the punishment you give it, it doesn’t go out of order at all. If you want to enjoy the premium thick and hard platform of a scope mount on your rifle, you need to check out this magical device. 

Highest Quality Steel

Several manufacturers are producing the scope mounts, and every scope is made up of different materials. So which one is the best material? How would you know this? I’ll tell you.

If you need an unquestionable high-quality scope mount made up of excellent steel material, the best option you can have is Magwedge SKS Rail, Scope Mount. It lives up to the marks of the best SKS scope mount you have ever used. 

Prevent Realigning

As we discussed above, its construction makes it immovable at all. Once you have aligned it the way you want or the direction it fits the scenario, after that, it doesn’t realign itself. In any case, you use it.

Using it with some powerful SKS rifle will perform optimally without creating a difference in the gun. Its construction makes it indispensable for the firm grip with the rifle and unshakeable connection with the scope.

Rugged Performance with Lightweight

The Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount is light in weight but performs like a solid stock of steel. Its performance goes to the optimum level because of its lightweight, especially when you need to lock in the target from a distance and move constantly.

It’s pretty challenging to hit the moving target with utmost accuracy, but it becomes easier with significant scope and a rugged performing mount. 

Accuracy with Affordability

No matter what the material is a scope mount made of, what are the features it is offering better than the rest of the scope mounts in the market; if it does not provide accurate results for what it is made, you need to buy the one with 100% guaranteed accuracy.

And if you get it at affordable rates, that is your bonus. Enjoy that. And here, this Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount offers you this ideal combo of accuracy with affordability with all other great features.

Make Purchase Decision

If you want to see your rifle perform optimally, no matter the weather conditions, you need to get a great scope mount for the unquestionable fixation. Because if you can get a reliable and resilient scope mount for your SKS rifle, you will surely get a positive shooting experience.

And based on my own experience with this mount, I can guarantee you that it is the best SKS scope mount of all time.

3) Feyachi SRM12 Best SKS Scope Mounts Review

Feyachi SRM12 Best SKS Scope Mounts Review
Center scope height1.59 inches
Cantilever ring1 inch
Weight5 ounce
Length of the scope mount5.3 inches
Width of the scope mount2.3 inches
Height of the scope mount2 inches
Brand nameFeyachi
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Holding zero
  • One-piece construction
  • Strong and durable
  • Price generous

You get to see many scope mounts in the market, but which one is suitable for your SKS rifle is quite a tricky question to answer. But never worry about this, because we are here to answer all your needs.

Here I propose to you this super unique Feyachi SRM12 scope mount for SKS rifle. It creates a magical equation to amaze you with extraordinary results beyond your imaginations. What other great features come with this scope? Let’s know about those. 


A powerful lighting system with extreme weight reduction makes this scope mount a desirable object for all the shooters. Its design is so innovative to make you feel like using something luxurious.

When you aim for shooting on the field, you will need a great mounting assistant to accurately get you on the target. And this will be so easy if your scope mount is lightweight. So, 

do not miss this fantastic helping device for your SKS rifle, and enjoy a simple device for the purpose.

Easy to Use

From buying to fixation and its use, we have made all the procedures so easy for you. You can set it to prevent all the snags, scratches, and other potential harmful ailments and make your scope perform in a fully protected zone.

This Feyachi SRM12 scope mount gives ultra relief to the shooter for effortlessly adjusting the windage and elevation. You can conveniently remove it whenever you need to align it in some other direction and get it fixed by fixing the rings on the rifle without using any extra tools. So, buy this to provide you solace and peace of mind.

Standard Eye relief Distance

Sometimes you have to shoot for long days on the field, somewhere out of the city territories. There you have no access to the medical facilities in case you get a scope bite. So, to avoid such circumstances, you need to buy a scope mount with a standard eye relief option. If it does not offer the required space, you need to shift on another scope mount immediately. 

Fortunately, this Feyachi SRM12 scope mount gives an ultimate standard eye relief to save your eye from the recoil of an SKS rifle. It is mandatory, or else you may face the consequences. So, let’s be on the safer side by ordering this Feyachi SRM12 scope mount today.

Solid Precision

It is incredible to learn that this scope mount is entirely made up of aircraft-grade aluminum solid stock. It gives ultra protection to your scope mount from any damage. You get a long-lasting helping instrument to support your targeting acquisition ability.

And it doesn’t allow the scope mount to go out of order for any reason. So, if you want this reliable solid scope mount for your SKS rifle, buy it with full faith, as it won’t let your expectation go down in any way possible. 


Interestingly, you can get this super exceptional scope mount in just two figures, and those are very initial from the counting. So, if you are interested in saving money on a good scope mount for an SKS rifle, buy this Feyachi SRM12 scope mount without any hesitation.

On the other hand, some manufacturers offer economical scope mounts but at the cost of quality compromise, which you should never go for. So, get this Feyachi SRM12 scope mount to enjoy a complete package.

Make Purchase Decision

If you take shooting and hunting seriously and want to pursue it like a king, you need to have an event rifle and, more importantly, a great scope mount. Here, the scope mounts I added in this article are all amazing.

And the Feyachi SRM12 scope mount is just unbelievable in providing the unequaled performance beyond your anticipation. Furthermore, it offers the best price, with lightweight and easy-to-use traits. After having this scope mount, you will never switch on any other hunting device ever. 

4) SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever SKS Scope Mount

SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever SKS Scope Mount
MaterialAircraft-grade aluminum
Style30 mm
length7.2 inches
Width4.1 inches
Height2.3 inches
Warranty descriptionUniversal & lifetime
  • Minimal Weight
  • Easy to Install
  • Original iron sights
  • Provides optimum eye relief
  • Easy to detach
  • Mounts for all occasions

The scope mount is not just about a helping device that holds the scope on your rifle, but it is way more than this. For example, suppose you have an excellent device such as the SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever scope mount.

It keeps you safe by providing you an ideal eye relief; it also helps you focus the target with unshakable stability and offers an immense target acquisition capability with an option of using it on any occasion you want. Read more to know more about this excellent scope mount. 

Mount for All Occasions

Hunters and shooters can use this scope mount in any situation, whether it is shooting competition, on-field hunting, or combatting. It is designed to support all kinds of scenarios with equally top performance.

You cannot find this feature in any other scope mount except this SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever scope mount. And it can do wonders if you fix it on an SKS rifle with an excellent optical partner. No target will go out of your reach without taking a bullet for sure.

2 Inches Forward Positioning 

The construction of the SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever scope mount allows the two inches forward positioning of the scope. This thing helps the shooter in getting a better and brighter view of the target. It helps in transmitting the right amount of light to the eye through the scope. Finally, and most importantly, it helps the shooter take a relaxed head posture that gives immense pleasure and solace while shooting.

Leading Eye Relief

Another gem from the lot, one of the most essential and primary features, is a suitable eye relief distance. Not all the scope mounts offer it adequately, but this SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever scope mount provides more than enough eye relief distance to protect your eyes from any shock that comes from the rifle.

So, if you want to avail the ideal and leading eye relief distance cooperatively, you have to order this SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever scope mount for your SKS rifle.

Perfect for Shooting, Hunting & Combatting

It is the best option for Hunters, Duty officers, and Competitive Shooters. So you aim for whatever type of hunting and shooting, you can ensure your success by having this super magical scope mount on your rifle because it has that resistance, resilience, and strength, giving the shooter confidence to aim for long-range shooting.

No matter what your use of the gun, this SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever scope mount will deliver you incredible performance in any situation. 

Budget Scope Mount

If you want to buy a budget scope mount but do not want to compromise on quality construction, this SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever scope mount is for you. You should have it immediately without wasting days. It is cheap but performs better than many expensive scope mounts. Get one today.

Make Purchase Decision

These days American shooters and hunters invest a lot in rifles, scopes, and mounts. Because this game demands quality products, don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for those expensive accessories.

You can enjoy the same pleasure of expensive scope mounts by having this SONICKING Pro Series Cantilever scope mount. It is a super phenomenal helping device for your optics and rifle. You shouldn’t miss this excellent device to decorate your collection room enormously.  

5) WEAVER Multi-Slot Base System SKS Scope Rail

WEAVER Multi-Slot Base System SKS Scope Rail
Mount’s length7.5 inches
Mount’s weight0.65 pounds
Height1.7 inches
Model name‎Weaver Base System – SKS
ColorGloss black
Brand nameWEAVER
Width4.75 inches
  • Constructed from highest quality material
  • Maximum strength for rings- Aluminum Base
  • Optimum eye relief
  • Ideal for hunting ventures
  • Small and Light
  • Price Friendly

I have tested this great model WEAVER Multi-Slot Base System scope mount myself; it’s lightweight, small, firm, money-saving, and offers you top loading. 

There are numerous features, perks, and perquisites you get along with this scope mount. It also allows you to see through the scope with iron sights and gives you a little shooting experience.

Small and Lightweight Mount

One of the attractive features of this scope mount is its small size; it doesn’t occupy a long space on your rifle and holds your scope so tightly and firmly. 

Moreover, its weight is amazingly very low, that doesn’t bother you while shooting, and you can take your target down with utmost stability and balance. Finally, it is so rare that you get small enough to mount with solid construction to give the scope’s holding ultra-strength. 

One-Piece Construction Design

Another very essential feature of this scope mount is its instructional design. It comprises one piece; you don’t need to fit two, three, or more parts of preparing it for the scope holding. All you have to do is to fix it on your rifle tightly and make it immovable at all.

And you are good to go for scope connection on it. Its one-piece construction gives extra strength and integration to the rifle, scope, and mount. 

Price Friendly

Look what is here for you, everyone’s favorite part in shopping anything is money saving for sure. So if you want a price-friendly scope mount for your rifle, you need to check this mount out. It’s amazingly excellent when it comes to performance and so alluring when you look at its price tag, which is quite affordable. 

There is no doubt that money plays an essential role in the decision for any product’s shopping, but here you get a complete package of features along with money-saving. 

Highest Quality Material

A scope mount should always be of the highest quality material; if you get a mount made up of substandard material, save some pennies, this will not work for you in the long run.

And ultimately, you will have to change the scope mount and keep doing this until you get a standardized one. So, to avoid such intricacies, buy this super WEAVER Multi-Slot Base System scope mount today. It is no doubt one of the best SKS scopes mounts you can have. 

Maximum Eye Relief

An excellent scope mount cannot be a great scope mount until it gives you an ideal eye relief option. Usually, the shared space for eye relief is 4 inches; you need to buy a mount that offers you this eye relief distance.

Because without maintaining it appropriately, you may get hurt severely by the recoil of your rifle. So, get this great WEAVER Multi-Slot Base System scope mount for your rifle today. It keeps you safe from scope bites and gives you peace of mind.

Aluminum Material for Ultra Strength

The construction of this scope mount is heavenly excellent. It is made up of solid aluminum material from the inside out. Your scope gets an ultra-strong grip by using this mount to make it tighten on the rifle. So, what are you waiting for? Get this the most reliable device today. 

Make Purchase Decision

If you have read the information given above and have gone through all the features this scope mount offers, you must know why to choose this scope mount.

There is not a single reason, but many. If you want a scope mount with lightweight, small size, ultra-strong, highest quality material, price friendly, entirely made up of solid aluminum stock, this WEAVER Multi-Slot Base System scope mount is made for you. 

Best SKS Scope Mount Review Guide

These Russian SKS collections have something extraordinary in them. It has served almost five generations in the industry, and it is still counting. Do you need a great scope mount? If so, keep reading this buying guide because I’ll tell you all about the best SKS scope mounts and what you should look into when buying one. 

For doing so, you need to follow seven facts only, and you’ll surely be able to select the desired scope mount for your SKS rifle. I have been using SKS rifles with the scope mounts I included in this article for many years, and after spending years in the industry, I drew a road map that can surely lead you towards buying a smooth, great, and flawless scope mount for your SKS rifle.

Perfect Mounting Structure

There is no doubt about it that an excellent rifle can do wonders with a great scope mount. If you invested a lot in rifle and scope but did not have a great scope mount, you can get to see your desired results at all. The mounting system should ultimately be strong to hold the scope tightly enough to fall off during shooting. It’ll free you from the scare of such harmful illusions.

Budget/Price Friendly

The thing in which you invest, you always seek for cost-effectiveness in that. So, to cut a long story short, the product you buy should be affordable. These days, you have a vast collection of scope mounts in the market;

you don’t need to break your balances or make your pockets empty for buying a scope mount; if it is, you need to shift your attention to some other scope mount. Fortunately, the five best scope mounts for SKS included in this article are price friendly; pick any of them freely.

Construction Design

The scope mount is made up of which material? It is an important question to ask, and you should find its answer with due diligence. These days, aluminum and steel are the best materials to make scope mounts. However,

you can choose a scope mount made up of any of them. And the construction should be neat, sturdy, and sharp. If you compromise over the quality of the scope mount, it is equal to the compromise on the overall shooting experience. 

So, buy the best to experience extraordinary things on the field. But, if you got a substandard scope mount, how will you survive in severe weather conditions with that? You cannot. So, do not push yourself into the mess of problems, and get the one with the super phenomenal constructional design.  

Single/Two Piece

Scope mounts have different types. Usually, they come in two major types, the single piece and the two-piece scope mount. A single-piece scope mount is strong, no need to align it frequently, it can provide you accurate results effortlessly. On the other hand, a two-piece scope mount is helpful for different rifles and can perform equally well. 

If you want to buy it for a specific rifle, like SKS, You should prefer to go for one price scope mount.


It is, I think, the most crucial part you should consider when buying a scope mount. The alignment of the scope mount should be good enough that it can quickly fix on the rifle flawlessly and provide you a great eye relief and secure you from scope bite by absorbing the recoil. An excellent scope mount can do these wonders if it’s aligned well while it is in the making. 

Easy to Use

You should always make sure the scope mount you are investing in is easy to use. Can you install it on your own? If so, you should go for it. Usually, scope mounts are difficult to install, and you cannot handle them on your own and have to take help from some expert. But, a great scope mount will always be simple and easy to use. So, choose one with simplicity and ease of use.



If you read the details above, you must have a rough idea about the scope mounts, their types, features, and usage. I have been serving the industry for over a decade to suggest the best one out of these five proper scope mounts. So, if I have to choose one for my SKS rifle, I will go for the SKS See-Thru Scope Mount The rest of the scope mounts are better than all others available in the market, but this one I picked up keeps most of the great features in it. So, it’s a complete package for SKS rifle users.