Best Rifle Scopes Under 200 Dollars

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:32 pm

How would you get the best scope within a low budget, or if you invest a handsome amount in big brands, how would you save money then? Just squeeze into this guide till the last word, because I will introduce you to a variety of best rifle scopes under 200 dollars, so, fasten your seat belt, you are about to fly in the air by seeing the fantastic optical aiding instruments. 

If you want to shop a scope without compromising over the significant features within low-cost ranges, believe me, you reached the right place for the purpose because we know what will satisfy you for both the quality perspective and the money-saving aspect. You have to read this article thoroughly because it keeps some more surprises full of amazement for you. So give a second more and get to know what options you have to go with.

5 Best Affordable Rifle Scope Under $200

  1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane, Riflescope
  2. UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster Scope
  3. Hawke Vantage 3-9×40 AO Scope
  4. Simmons Whitetail Classic Black
  5. Mueller APV 4.5-14×40 AO Scope

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro-level shooter, this article is for you. Here, you’ll find some tremendous optical supports under 200 bucks, which is impressive, especially for beginners. You will find some excellent scopes but uniquely designed with distinct traits from one another. I’ll explain every aspect of these given scopes, which I used myself and found better than the rest.

1) Vortex Optics Crossfire II SFP Best Cheap Rifle Scope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II SFP
Objective lens diameter44 mm
Tube diameter1 inch
Field of view24.7 to 8.4 ft/100 yards
Eye relief3.9 inches
Exit pupil11-3.6 mm
Reticle typeDead hold BDC
Adjustment¼ MOA
  • Long Eye relief with ultra-forgiving eye box
  • Anti-selective, fully multi-coated optics
  • Adjustable capped turrets
  • Single piece time construction
  • Max adjustment for elevation and windage
  • Lightweight with rugged performance

There is something precious Vortex always does; it creates a magical equation while producing scopes. It has that thing to keep its name in our top reviews list every time we write about outstanding scopes.

No doubt it’s the credibility of Vortex that makes us and everyone else use them unconditionally. So if you are amazed somehow, never worried, try it now and see yourself what it offers you through this best cheap rifle scope. 

Long Eye Relief 

There is a vast collection available in Vortex scopes, but when it comes to using the Crossfire II series, it keeps everything right in an excellent balance to provide the optimum performance to the shooter.

You get almost 3.9 inches of eye relief, which is just amazing to have while using a scope. It keeps you secure from the scope bite and makes you feel comfortable while pulling the trigger. 

Anti-Reflective & Fully Multi-Coated Optics

It enables the shooter to get the optimal level of light through the scope while minimizing glare. This pair of unique advantages come with the help of the fully multi-coated lens. The anti-reflective feature adds to the clarity of the vision even more and keeps you going with the flow.

It protects the scope from all types of water, rain, humidity, and other oily sticky components. That gives rise to the tidiness of the scope. 

Adjustable Capped Turrets

Turrets are the external knobs on the left and the top of the scope, you get to use. With the help of these knobs, you adjust the windage and elevation to survive in the wind. This Vortex Crossfire II comes with a tremendous adjustable limit for turrets and is fully covered with caps.

Caps protect the knobs from getting affected by the wind or other external threats, and you can easily adjust them with the help of your fingers only without using any tool for that. 

Single Piece Construction

When you seek precise performance, there you feel the need for this outstanding feature. The single-piece reconstruction gives the ultimate strength and integrity to the scope’s body. And it is inevitable for the optimum and unquestionable performance. Best rifle scope under 200 keeps the shooting standards higher and takes your morale to new heights of confidence. 

Lightweight for Rugged Performance

After spending so many years in scopes, I concluded, a scope should never be heavier. It should always be lightweight because the performance stability depends on the size and weight of the scope immensely.

All you have to do is keep a sharp eye on the weight while purchasing an area for your rifle. You can get this super helpful feature in scope from the best scope for mini 14 as well. It is another article I have written to help you with the decision-making of scope selection. 

Buying Decision:

The Vortex is the name of reliability and trust. Whenever I used its scopes, I was more than satisfied with myself. And if you are a bit of an experienced shooter, you must know what I am talking about.

Vortex never goes down for making extra profits at the cost of quality of the scope. It always makes sure you get more than you invest. If you seek vast magnification, huge eye relief, and solid one-piece construction for the ultra-strength, you are good to go for it.

2) UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster Best Optics Under $200

UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster
Magnification range is3-9x
Adjustment3 yards to infinity
Click value¼ MOA
Batteries2 lithium metal
  • Finger adjustable knobs
  • Fully rainproof
  • True strength platform
  • Most demanding tests
  • Lockable and resettable turrets
  • Parallax free view

This UTG red dot is one of the most finest and rugged devices produced by UTG. It offers great distinct aiding attributes, more than you can expect from an excellent scope. You can adjust the red dot as green one when the light turns on, and the best optics under 200 provides great security measures in terms of scope’s security, and the shooter as well.

Finger Adjustable Knobs

Its lock system is way better than other red dot systems offered by different t big brands’ scopes. Once you have locked it, it doesn’t go for change until you want to. Even if you fall, or any other mishap happens, still it will provide you the same aim setting you have adjusted before.

You can easily adjust it with your fingers, no need for an extra tool or any smith to fix it up. The same supporting aid you can get by choosing scope from an extensive article the best scope for AR 15 coyote hunting. It will add on some valuable information on the best scopes under a low budget.

Fully Rainproof

The UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster is filled with nitrogen gas, which eliminates all the unnecessary components such as, water, moisture, oil, or any other object that can damage the lens. It enhances the quality of the lens by keeping it clean and tidy all the time.

Ultimately, it becomes the reason for the extension of the scope’s life. And it goes a long way ahead with your rifle. The rainwater cannot create any malfunction and your scope survives super conveniently.

True Strength Platform

It is the list enhanced system of controlling the interaction between the inner and outer time. This interaction provides precise and quick responsive target locating and helps the shooter to integrate all the components for optimum performance. The TSP is fully tested and a favorite of the eyes of millions of hunters and shooters.

Most Demanding Tests

The UTG gets feedback from customers, and by using this input, it tests the scopes before introducing them to the market. After the collection of feedback data, all the queries and needed developments are done timely to ensure the optimal performance of the scope.

These parameters and tests help the UTG to develop some great extraordinary features to satisfy the shooters and give them what they want from the best rifle scope under 200.

Lockable and Resettable Turrets

For enjoying the crisp and quick elevations and windage adjustment you can use the lockable and rest table turrets. For achieving the complete zeroing of the scope, these lockable and resettable there’s helps enormously. It helps your scope fight against the wild wind, tornadoes, or may another environmental extremity.

Buying Decision:

It is a question never easy to answer in the case of any product, but if you have read the details of features offered by UTG 3-9X32 1 BugBuster scope, you must be in a position to answer this question.

It gives the outcomes you expect, provides you pre-tested features, along with some great true strength platforms, and more. To get rid of all your worries, and to take yourself on a new journey full of excitement, and successful shots. You are good to go with this super optical adding instrument.

3) Hawke Vantage 3-9×40 AO Affordable Rifle Scope

Hawke Vantage 3-9x40 AO
Max Magnification9x
Objective lens diameter40 mm
Coating typeFully multi-coated
Adjustment level¼ MOA
Eye relief3.5 inches
Field of view39-12.7 ft at 100 yards
  • Turrets are protected with caps
  • Illumination with 5 brightness settings
  • Side focus parallax
  • Advanced Fully multi-coated lens
  • The high torque zoom ring
  • Price friendly with optimum performance

Usually, in search of budget scope, you get multiple optical devices, which can add value to your shooting. At that time, a prominent and reliable brand name like Hawke Vantage saves you from wondering.

It offers some out-of-the-box features that no one else offers in the market. It is superb when it comes to performance, and if you look at the price, this best affordable rifle scope is easy to pay.

Recoil Resistance

One of the most underrated features in scope is resistance to recoil. But, I rate it as the primary feature. This Hawke Vantage comes with a great and powerful body that gives its mechanism the strength to deal with any recoil, whether light or heavy rifle.

Consider the standard material because it offers recoil tolerance. You can also have this distinct feature in scope from the best scope for 223. I have gathered a lot of valuable data regarding the best budget scopes for 223 for your ease. Check it out. 

Illumination with 5 Brightness Settings

This scope, which is fully illuminated, allows you to have the right amount of light through the scope. Moreover, it comes with five extended brightness settings. You can set any of them as it fits in the situation.

Especially when you are shooting in a low lighting corner, there you’ll need these brightness settings even more. And you can create an excellent contrast to make the vision more sharp and visible. 

Side Focus Parallax

When you intend to shoot at varying target locations, you need the least possible movement of the scope. And you can have this by having this Hawke Vantage, which offers you side focus parallax, which is excellent in making the reticle sharper and more precise for a better vision.

It is a kind of control to modify the settings of the reticle, to set it at the point where it appears with the utmost clarity. 

Advanced Fully Multi-Coated Lens

There are almost four types of lens coating accessible in the market. Coated means the one layer on one lens; fully covered means one layer on more than one lens. And multi-coated means multiple layers on one lens; fully multi-coated means numerous coatings on all the lenses in a scope.

So, the last one is the best, and luckily, the Hawke Wantage offers the same. It keeps the security of the scope unbreakable and enhances the performance enormously. 

Variable Magnification with Vast Eye Relief

Usually, scopes do not come with variable magnification, and in the same way, not every scope offers the ideal space for eye relief. But for making your shooting perfect, you can get the Hawke Vantage scope because it provides the best long-range magnification to zoom in on the target from long distances. Moreover, it offers a vast eye relief of 3.5, which makes you safe from scope bites. 

Buying Decision:

If you want to taste the genuine flavor of the best rifle scope under 200, you have the most acceptable choice to go with the Hawke Vantage scope. It is the best to amaze you on the field; it gives tremendous results in the mountains shooting. Recoil resistance is a plus that gives a sense of luxurious product while using it.

So, if you are interested in buying a scope full of outstanding and distinct aiding traits for the shooter, you can go for the Hawke Vantage without any halt.

4) Simmons Whitetail Classic Black Mid-Range Rifle Scopes

Simmons Whitetail Classic Black Mid-Range Rifle Scopes
Tube diameter1 inch
Click value¼ MOA
Focal plane typeSecond
Min magnification6x
Max magnification24
The objective lens diameter50 mm
FinishBlack granite
  • Ideal for deer hunting in any environment
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Generous eye relief
  • Fog, shock, and waterproof
  • Reliable and durable within budget
  • Truplex reticle for accuracy

If you desire affordability along with the high power scope, the Simmons is doing wonders by providing you this ideal pair of features. Simmons whitetail is a classic rifle scope for hunting Deer especially.  Generous eye relief space with a fully multi-coated lens, all you can get by having this unique optical instrument under 200.

Ideal for Deer Hunting in any Environment

The design of Simmons is so innovative and beautiful, and once you use it, it becomes apply of your eye. If you intend to hunt Deer, you got the best choice for the job. Its cutting edges and sharp one-piece construction make it the most suitable optical device for deer hunting.

Suppose, you have locked in your prey, and before you pull the trigger, it started moving, now the quick turrets of these mid range rifle scopes will help you focus on the target. And you won’t miss your target in any rough condition you place the round.

Fully Multi-Coated Lens

The lens demand special care to deal with it. You can go for the automation option by having a fully multi-coated lens, in which the multiple layers of aluminum protect the lens and other glass items very well.

When your lens gets dirty, rotted by water and humidity, your target visibility will blur. And it reduces the life of the scope as well. So, while buying a scope always go for an Avant grade aluminum coating.

Generous Eye Relief

This best low-cost riflescope offers you great eye relief to take your safety protocols to the max level. It also becomes the reason for your right posture, and your head and neck get the right position to lock in the target.

If your scope doesn’t provide the necessary eye relief distance, you will struggle with the position of the scope, and it doesn’t let you have image clarity. So, be rational and choose the scope with the highest eye relief space.

Fog, Shock, and Waterproof

The resistance for fog, shock, and water is one of the alluring and most acceptable features amongst professional shooters all over the US. If you live in an area where the weather changes eyes any moment, and it disturbs your shooting effectiveness.

You can have the Simmons Whitetail Classic Black scope which comes with great argon purged gas. That removes all the moisture and water components from the scope and doesn’t let enter any substance enter from the outer environment.

Reliable and Durable within Budget

Everyone wishes for having a reliable and durable optical partner for their rifle, but it’s not that simple to go into the market and buy one. You should go through some best sites for reading authentic reviews and also conduct a test of the device before you place the order.

If you have no time for doing so, don’t worry; you can rely on this guide and pick the one from the five best value rifle scopes included above. All are pre-tested and well-groomed.  You can also choose the one from the best scope for 223. This article contains some extra options for you within budget.

Buying Decision:

If you are a beginner and want to take your shooting skills up, you need great optics such as Simmons Whitetail Classic Black scope. It offers a huge magnification versatility along with vast eye relief support.

Moreover, it increases your fast target acquisition ability in any environmental condition. Additionally, this best rifle scope under 200 has a built-in system for the protection of the lenses as well. So, you can jump for it freely.

5) Mueller APV 4.5-14×40 AO Best Scope for the Money Value

Mueller APV 4.5-14x40 AO
The objective lens diameter40 mm
Sport typeTactical
Max magnification14x
Scope’s weight and finish496.11 grams, Black
Parallax settings20 yards to infinity
Main tube diameter30 mm
Exit pupil8.8 to 2.8 mm
  • Fully Multi-coated lens
  • All-weather friendly
  • Max windage and elevation adjustment
  • Nitrogen filling for waterproofing
  • Ideal magnification for long-range shooting
  • Vast eye relief space

The Mueller APV 4.5-14×40 AO is a budget scope with a variety of features. You’ll surely get an excellent piece of aid for your sighting purpose as cheap scope under 200 bucks..

It offers a great fully multi-coated lens and can adjust in any weather condition super easily. In addition, it gets no harm from water, moisture, or fog, as it is designed the way it withstands all these perfectly.

Fully Multi-Coated Lens

It is probably the most overrated feature in an excellent scope, and no one should ever undermine its importance. The more your lens is covered with multiple layers of aluminum, the higher the security will be.

No offense, but if you have got a single-layered coating, leave it right away, and select the one with a fully multi-coated optics type. It saves the scope from various kinds of external threats, including extreme weather conditions. 

All-Weather Friendly

There are very few scopes that offer a warranty for all-weather severities. Luckily, the Meuller produces outstanding optics that can easily survive in any condition; whether it is a rough sunny day or a rainy season, the scope provides equally good performance irrespective of the climate extremities. 

Max Windage and Elevation Adjustment

Another great aiding trait of this scope is its maximum windage and elevation adjustment. The shooter adjusts the reticle as it fits in the situation and helps you survive in the wind and other misfortunate circumstances.

It allows you to focus on the target sharply and enables you to lock in the same within no time by making the challenging situations easy for you. 

Nitrogen Filling for Waterproofing

The Nitrogen gas helps the purging process immensely, and it ensures all the moisture and water drops are out of the lens surface. Thus, it helps you have readily available lenses every time you pick up your scope for quick target acquisition. Moreover, its waterproofing goes unshakable. That’s the plus for a shooter to gain the desired results. 

Ideal Magnification for Long-Range Shooting

The magnification helps the shooter in long-range shooting especially. If you are at a considerable distance from your coyote or deer, you should have clear visibility due to the ample space.

By using this super device, you can get the image of the target 14 times closer than its actual positioning. You can enjoy the same, even more, powerful magnifier by choosing a scope from the best 30 06 scopes. It is a well-written guide for various scopes with ultra-magnification powers to make your shooting more perfect and accurate. 

Buying Decision:

Have you read the detailed features above? If yes, it must be easy to answer this tricky question because this unusual best rifle scope under 200 offers the most acceptable and popular traits within a low budget.

You gets to use a perfect optical partner for your rifle along with a lot of money-saving. If you genuinely want to enhance your shooting skills, you are good to go for this profound scope without any pause.  

Buyer’s Guide for Best 50mm Rifle Scope Under 200

If you are looking for a top-line scope within budget, it is not that easy to find the desired one. We know your problem very well, and will help you to get out of the box with some great scope options within budget. For making the right decision, you need to go through this insightful buying guide. It will answer all your queries relating to the best rifle scope under $200.

Turret Style

The turrets are the external knobs on top of the scope and the left side of it. With the help of these knobs, you can adjust the windage and elevation of a scope. It helps you give the results in wind and other rough environmental conditions.

Sometimes, they need a tool to adjust scope accurately, while other types of knobs you can adjust with using your fingers only. It gives a boost to your long-range hunting enormously.

Magnification Versatility

Magnification is indispensable for long-range hunting. Best 50mm rifle scope under 200 gives enormous settings options to adjust the picture of the target for better visibility. Suppose, you are hunting in low light, or dusk and dawn, the variable magnifier will support to hit the target right on the point.

If you have magnification 3-15×40, it means you can get a 15 times nearer picture of the target than its tangible position. You can also zoom out if you need to.

Lens Coating

Lens coating enables or disables the performance of a scope. Suppose, you are on the field for hunting, and all of a sudden rain starts, and lens coating will help to cover up your scope.

Let me tell you, it is the coating of the scope that will make it survive at the moment. You should always try to buy the scope with fully multi-coating. It furnishes safety to the max and gives you peace of mind.

Eye Relief for Safety

One of the most important things is your safety while you are shooting or hunting. Eye relief is the distance that your eye and the scope share.

So, if you want to secure your eye, face, and forehead from scope bite, you need to maintain an ample distance between the scope and your eye. You can learn in detail about it by clicking on How to Avoid a Scope Bite. It is an informative article written for developing an understanding of the subject.

Construction Material

If I have to rate the features according to their significance, I would rate the construction material on the top. Because it is the core element that ensures the strength and stability of the scope. You can’t target with accuracy and perfection until you get a standard scope made up of solid material. The scopes I have added in this article are super generous in offering this feature limitlessly.

Recoil Resistance

After locking in the target, when you pull the trigger, your rifle produces a sudden recoil, and the rifle gets back to the face of the shooter rapidly.  Stay safe yourself from such horrible incidents and buy a scope that can deal with the recoil.

It can only be possible if the scope is of solid aluminum or steel fabric. And its construction is based on a single piece, it will be a plus for the job.


Indeed the Price matters a lot. Especially when you are looking for a scope under $200. Now, you need to keep both things in mind, the first one is the uncompromising quality features and the second one is price within 200.

All five are super-aiding devices for shooters and a great source of money-saving. One thing to never forget, the price is necessary, but the quality is more important. So, create a balanced equation to have the desired outcomes.



We have discussed almost all the nitty-gritty of the best five scopes under $200, and now it’s time to give my recommendation, which one I liked the most out of the lot. So, I would say the best option you can go with is the Vortex Optics Crossfire II SFP Scope. It keeps the game up and maintains a standard of shooting for you. Comes with a single piece to ensure premium quality strength and integrity. Moreover, offers great adjustment knobs easy to use for quick target acquisition. So, feel free to try this distinct and the best rifle scope under 200 dollars.