Best .30-06 Rifle Scopes Review

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:32 pm

The .30-06 rifles were introduced by the US Army back in 1906, and they remained the primary choice for almost half of the century. It can hit the target with the utmost accuracy if you can get a reliable optical partner. Thus, you need to arrange two primary and essential things for a successful shooting and hunting venture, the first one is undoubtedly an excellent rifle, and the second one is a great optical friend. 

Here, this article will tell you about some excellent and magically outstanding scopes for 30-06 rifles. A great scope is as necessary as the blood to a living body. It plays a vital role by providing you a crystal clear vision of the target in all types of lighting conditions.

I have spent more than a decade in the scopes industry and put my extensive experience in this guide for you. So, let’s get to know about the best 30-06 scope 2022. 

Table of content

  1. Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical First Focal Plane Scopes
  2. Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II First Focal Plane Rifle scopes
  3. Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 6-24X50
  4. Monstrum G3 3-18×50 FFP Rifle Scope
  5. Leupold VX-5HD 4-20x52mm Side Focus Rifle Scope

5 Best 30-06 Scopes | Reliable Optics

The hunting season is just stepping in, and you are not ready for that yet. So let’s make it up now. I have come up with five super scopes for your .30-06 rifles to help your vision’s clarity. Here this manual will tell you all about the finest and the most reliable optics you can have.

So whether you aim for hunting at night or planning for long-range shooting, the scopes I recommend will fulfill all your needs and wants fully. So let’s begin the fresh and fruitful chapter now.

1) Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical FFP 30-06 Night Vision Scope

Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical FFP 30 06
Sport typeHunting
Focal plane typeFirst
Tube diameter30 mm
Construction MaterialAluminum
Warranty DescriptionUnlimited, unconditional for lifetime
Scope’s weight and Color2.5 pounds, Black
The objective lens Diameter44 mm
Zoom power4x to 16x
  • Extra-low Dispersion glass
  • Exposed tactical turrets with parallax knob
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • The clarity for mid to Long-Range shooting & hunting
  • Lightweight with high-quality precision glide erector setup
  • Price friendly

The Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical FFP scope is the wolf in sheep’s apparel. It enables you to take a perfect shot up to 1000 yards, and with a bit more attention and stability, it can go beyond this range even.

Its features justify the job well and provide you the desired results you anticipate while purchasing it within this price range. The sharp and quick system of optics used in its assembling makes your vision clear and precise. You can also enjoy some other sophisticated features, including.

Extra-Low Dispersion Glass

This excellent extra-low dispersion trait helps shooters get a crisp and clear picture of the target. It also helps your vision clarity while adjusting the zoom settings.

Whether you set it at 4x or at 16x, you will get the complete clear picture of the target, and that’s what is needed for a quick shot to take your prey down without missing a bullet. Get this magical feature by having Vortex Optics Tactical FFP scope today.

Exposed Tactical Turrets

For long-range aiming shooting, the exposed turrets, along with the parallax knob, assist the shooter immensely. Moreover, this super excellent best hunting scope for 30-06 gives you a fast and sharp focus eyepiece that quickly adjusts the reticle according to the situation. The mixture of these traits makes an excellent combination for mid to long-range shooting & hunting.

30 mm Single Piece Tube

The 30 mm single tube components give exceptional protection against water and other liquid fluid. And it is mandatory to keep the lens tidy and clean for quick hunting. It also helps the shooter minimize the recoil of the rifle scope to save your eye and forehead from scope bite.

Ideal Zooming Range

Magnifier power helps you get your prey’s image closer to you. Whatever the situation you are hunting in, whether it is daylight or night mode, if your target is at a considerable distance to you, you won’t be able to hit it with perfection until you get its image clear and closer. This fantastic red dot scope for .30-06 offers you 16x magnification power, which is fair enough to hit the target from mid to long-range extent. 

Lightweight with High-Quality Construction

Last but not least, the lightweight of this best .30-06 scope helps your shooting go smooth and stable even in rough conditions. The more your scope will be heavier, the higher its instability will be during shooting.

This extraordinary Vortex Optics Diamondback Tactical scope makes your shooting a worthwhile venture and returns your investment by providing you with unquestionable target acquisition. 

Buying Guide

As we have discussed above, the reasons for choosing this super night force scope for 30 06 are excellent in all aspects you crave in your scope. Additionally, it is very cost-effective and saves your pocket from the extra burden of profiting.

And it is the ultimate version of .30-06 Night Vision Scope. I have tested it myself and found it to be the finest and neatest scope for a .30-06 rifle. Let’s not miss this exclusive 30-06 scope eye relief. 

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2) Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II FFP Nightforce Scope for .30-06

Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II FFP
Reticle typeEBR-7C MOA
Max elevation adjustment71 MOA
Parallax setting range is25 yards to infinity
Max windage adjustment34 MOA
Magnifier power range3x to 18x
Sport typeHunting
Warranty explanationUnlimited, and unconditional for lifetime
Scope’s weight6.06 ounces
  • Unparalleled plasma tech coating
  • Glass etched Illuminated reticle
  • The maximized turret adjustment option
  • Single-piece tube construction
  • Shock and waterproof
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Ideal Magnification for long-range shooting and hunting

When it comes to achieving the ultimate precision, with 100% success of placement of rounds, you will need a great rifle with an outstandingly excellent scope like Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II FFP scope.

It allows you to enjoy the best coating material with the utmost defense protocol against all the possible hazards from the outer environment. Moreover, it comes with almost all the great features you can enlist in an excellent .30-06 scope.

HD Plasma Tech Optical System

The optimized glass selection is used in the Vortex Optics FFP scope to provide excellent color fidelity. It makes the edge-to-edge sharpness more effective and transmits the right amount of light through the scope.

In addition, the HD Plasma optical system helps the shooter get an appropriate color contrast to make sure the quality of the targeted pictures goes up unquestionably. If you haven’t tried this feature yet, you need to order this best .30-06 scope. 

Single-Piece Tube

If you intend to get a solid scope for your 30-06, you should always go for the single-piece tube; it keeps weight light and makes your vision more stable and accurate. And this is what matters the most in a reasonable scope.

It also enables your scope to protect itself from water and other liquid items. So if you want to enjoy this super excellent attribute with all other great perks, you need to order Vortex Optics Razor HD scope today.

Versatile Magnification-Zooming Option

A good scope can never be a great scope until it provides you vast zooming in and zooming out range. Then, it sharpens your vision and gets your target image closer to you.

The Vortex Optics Gen II FFP scope can bring your target 18 times closer than its actual position from your place. Moreover, it works outstandingly well in low lighting scenarios even. So, please do not make your .30-06 rifles wait anymore, and bestow it with a reliable optical partner right away.

Solid Aluminum Construction

The construction of a scope plays an essential role in its performance. This Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II FFP scope is made up of solid aircraft-grade aluminum. If it falls off during shooting or encounters any abnormality, its aircraft-grade construction material keeps it perfect and is suitable for use in any condition.

Shock, Fog, and Waterproof

This Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II FFP scope has a powerful resistance capability to fight against shock, fog, and water. Its piece tube with thick aluminum layers makes it fully moisture, shock, and waterproof.

If you haven’t a waterproof scope, you cannot get the desired results during rainy seasons and will have to return to your camp empty-handed. So, book it today, and enhance the clarity of target acquisition even in rainy weather. 

Buying Guide

If you want to be a pro shooter or take part in a shooting competition, you need an excellent scope for doing the job well. Here this Vortex Optics Razor HD Gen II FFP scope is one of the best-featured scopes I have ever come across in my extensive career of more than a decade. With precision and competitiveness, it is indeed the best scope for .30-06 rifles if you need clarity. 

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3) Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN 2 Best Hunting Scope for .30-06

Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN 2
Sport type of scopeHunting
Made up ofAluminum
The objective lens Diameter50 mm
Style of the scopeAPLR2 FFP IR MOA
Scope’s weight51.2 ounces
Eye relief distance is3.3 inches
Focal plane typeFirst
Tube diameter30 mm
  • Advanced multi-coated Lens
  • XLP coating for extra protection of scope’s body
  • Shock, fog, and waterproof construction
  • First focal plane reticles
  • Parallax Adjustment from 10 yards to infinity
  • Ideal eye relief with variable Magnification

If you are a beginner in hunting and shooting, you need to observe the Athlon optics family. It is one of the most popular brands amongst American Hunters. The features you find in high-end scopes all can be procured by having this best .30-06 scope. This Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 scope leaves no stone unturned in serving you with a high-quality shooting adventure.

First Focal Plane Supported

There are two primary focal planes available in scopes, the first focal plane and the second focal plane. This best scope for .30-06 2022 comes with the first focal plane. It supports the change in magnification and helps you get an arranged and managed contrast picture of the target.

On the other hand, the second focal plane only supports one fixed magnifier power and doesn’t support the variability of zoom-in and zoom-out options. So, the FFP is better than SFP if you aim for long-range hunting.

XLP Coating

It is a special coating, which you do not get in all scope. It protects your lenses from the outer environment. It helps your lenses fight against all types of dust, dirt, debris, and oily sticky elements that can harm the glass surfaces severely and can impact your vision badly.

So, get this rare but most essential feature by purchasing the best .30-06 scopes, none other than the Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 scope. 

Advanced Fully Multi-Coated Lens

There are almost four types of lens coating you may find in different scopes, and the best one is this advanced fully multi-coated optics. It gives multiple layers to protect the whole body of the scope from all types of dangerous elements.

It enables the shooter to shoot with complete confidence by picking up the rifle, but the scope on, and taking a shot. You do not need to fix it or put in extra effort to make it ready for use. It enhances the vision up to a great extent. 

Argon purged, Shock, and Waterproof

This fantastic feature help to make sure all the moisture is purged; the scope offers outstanding argon purged technology, in which inertia gas is used with a big size of molecules to help the scope defend against water, moisture, and other liquid items.

In addition, it helps the scope in giving better thermal stability, fog, and Waterproofing. So, let’s get the Best Hunting Scope for 30-06 rifle today and enjoy the profound shooting endeavor.

Ideal Eye Relief

An ideal eye relief distance is as necessary for a shooter as a bulletproof jacket for a front-line soldier. If your scope is not offering you almost more than 3 inches eye relief distance, it means you are in danger. And you can get injured from any movement after pulling the trigger.

So, to save yourself from the recoil of the rifle and avoid the scope bite, you need to buy a scope with tremendous and vast eye relief. Fortunately, this .30-06 scope offers you an ideal combo of eye relief for all situations. 

Buying Guide

If you intend to shoot or hunt for long-range and do not want to compromise over shooting quality, you need to buy a scope that offers the excellent stew of all beautiful features. If you follow your shooting intensely, you are reading about the right choice for you. Go for Athlon Optics Argos BTR GEN2 scope without any further delay.

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4) Monstrum G3 3-18×50 FFP Recommended Scope for 30-06

Monstrum G3 3-18x50 FFP
Night vision supportedYes, fully
Material and brandAluminum, Monstrum
Weight and color15 oz, black
The objective lens Diameter50 mm
Main tube size30 mm
Scope range goes up to700 yards+
Reticle typeIlluminated Custom-H
Battery typeCR2032 3V battery
  • 11 levels of illumination
  • All brass assemblies
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • Fully sealed, nitrogen-purged tube
  • Flip-up lens covers
  • Price Friendly along with highest integrated performance

The Monstrum, with the experience of 15 years, has been doing a tremendous job. The scopes of Monstrum are made up by taking the challenge of quality limits, affordability, and clarity of the image.

So if you want to acquire the best .30-06 scopes with all the necessary attributes you anticipate in an extraordinary optical companion, you can easily have all this by having this super Monstrum G3 3-18×50 FFP scope.

All Brass Construction

All the assemblies and finishing touches are of metal; it gives the scope’s body extra strength and keeps the image clarity up to the mark. It smooths the quality picture of the target from long distances and in rough lighting conditions as well. So, if you take your hunting seriously, you need to buy this super friend of your 30-06 rifle today.

Fully Multi-Coated Optics

I have never preferred a scope if it is not a fully Multi-Coated lens because this trait gives the shooter confidence to go in the rain, in the mountains, in rough and challenging conditions for hunting and shooting.

It keeps your scope’s glass surfaces dry and protects them all from every kind of external danger. Fully multi-coated optics means you get the multilayers of world-class aluminum on all the glass surfaces of a scope. Buy this strongly Recommended Scope for .30-06 without any further delay.

Flip-Up Lens Covers

Wherever you go on hunting, you need to cover your optics with cover. Fortunately, this Monstrum G3 3-18×50 FFP scope comes with great flip-up lens covers that protect the lens from UV rays, water moisture, dust, dirt, and debris.

In addition, it’s so easy to remove it when you intend to use your scope. You can quickly flip up, and after done with your shooting, make it down again; that’s how simple it is in usage. 

Fully Sealed Nitrogen Purged Tube

Another gem of features is its nitrogen purging against water and moisture. Its tube is fully sealed, and nitrogen purges the moisture out of scope well and resists it not to let in at all. It helps the lens keep in good health for use anytime, anywhere.

The more you keep anything secure and safe, the higher its life goes up. The same goes on this excellent scope for .30-06, have it today without further delay and make your shooting and hunting a more exciting venture.

Price Friendly with Rugged Performance

One of the most popular and most demanding features in every product is price friendly product with uncompromising quality. And this is rare, but fortunately, here in this Monstrum G3 3-18×50 FFP scope, you can enjoy this great combo limitlessly. Besides its low price comparatively, it gives unbeatable rugged performance in any scenario.

Buying Guide

As we have discussed the significant features of this fantastic optical device, you must be in good knowledge about the same now. If you need uncompromised quality and the best color picture of the prey, you can confidently have this scope.

Moreover, mid to long-range shooting coverage, assistance in the exact placement of the bullet, quick target acquisition with budgetary lines, all this you can have by ordering this super Monstrum G3 3-18×50 FFP scope; because it is indeed the best .30-06 rifle scope for the money. 

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5) Leupold VX-5HD 4-20x52mm .30-06 Rifle Scope Combo

Leupold VX-5HD 4-20x52mm 30 06
The objective lens Diameter52 mm
Versatility of magnificationUp to 20x
Eye relief distance3.7 inches
Field of viewLow 56.6 to high 11.8
Main tube diameter30 mm
Scope’s weight16.8 oz
Color and brandMatte black, Leupold
  • Vast versatility of Magnification
  • The second focal plane supported
  • Unprecedented low light transmission
  • High-quality relentless performance with lightweight
  • Twilight HD light Management setup
  • Great for outdoor shooting and hunting

While chasing a beast at mountains, you will need this relentless performer .30-06 rifle scope. It gives you a great vast field of view as it comes with 10x magnifier power, and its twilight light management system helps the shooter in getting the exact and right picture of the target in tough and rough conditions. Let’s know more about this super optical machine for your .30-06.

Designed and Assembled in the USA

The USA needs no introduction, no detailed information when it comes to rifles and scopes.  This Leupold VX-5HD 4-20x52mm scope is fully designed, engineered, assembled, and finished in the USA. The USA produces scopes with one mindset only, that they should perform well, so, when the manufacturer keeps the pain, you can gain.

Impact Tested and Verified Optics

These Leupold VX-5HD 4-20×52 mm scopes are fully tested and verified to make them able to survive in rough and harsh conditions. If you put a minimum of 5000 impacts on it, it can easily survive in the scenario and will provide you an unshakable and unquestionable rugger performance. It holds the recoil of the rifle with the utmost convenience.

Twilight HD Light Management System

If you want to shoot in roughest and toughest conditions and don’t want your target to go out of your reach without taking a bullet, you just need to have this Twilight light management system in your scope.

It helps you get the unimaginable and amazing picture quality in the roughest conditions. It is designed to ease the toughest situations and turns the table in favor of the shooter. It is indeed the Best Scope for .30-06 2022 in all aspects.

Vast Magnification for Mid to Long-Range

If you aim to go for mid to long-range shooting, this amazing optical device can help you extraordinarily. It provides you a max 20x power magnifier, you can take 20 times closer images of the target than the actual distance you both are sharing.

And its magnifier is just amazing in providing a crystal clear image to take a perfect shot. So, do not miss this 30 06 scope magnification anymore, and order it today for the magical hunting ventures ahead.

Lightweight but Reliable

After spending so many years in the industry, I concluded that an excellent scope will always be lightweight. If you are having a heavier optical partner in the name of great features, remember, you won’t be able to have a stable and unshakable shooting experience.

Because the weight of a scope plays a primary role in making this thing possible for the shooter. So, if you aim to intend flawless and balanced shooting and hunting, order this Leupold VX-5HD 4-20×52 mm scope for the job.

Buying Guide

If you want your scope to perform relentlessly, and take your shooting and hunting to new heights, you need to buy the Leupold VX-5HD 4-20x52mm scope without any hesitation. It is great in all aspects, I have tested it myself, and it made me fall for it.

If you want a high-quality image from long distances, and if you want to enhance your target acquisition ability, have the best 30-06 rifle scope for the money today.

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Buying Guide for the Best 30-06 Scope Magnification

We know much about the scopes for .30-06, and now it’s time to purchase the one for yourself. But before you place an order, you need to observe some key points mentioned in this buying guide; these will help you get the best-recommended scope for 30-06.

Then, follow the steps I have added below to make your purchasing decision easy and valuable.

Construction Material

Whenever you decide to buy an excellent scope, you need to look into its construction material. These days the aircraft-grade aluminum is one of the best materials for scope construction.

It helps to strengthen the integrated components of the scope and provides you a stable and unshakable shooting experience. However, if the construction material is substandard, you may not get healthy and prosperous hunting at all. 

Price Consideration

Money matters, but not at the cost of the quality of a product. If you get a scope with all outstanding features within budget, what else do you seek in best 30-06 scope? Grab it right away. Usually, people love to save money on shopping, but they do compromise over the same quality. The scopes I have added to this guide are quality-oriented and with low prices.

Variable Magnification with Vast Eye Relief

If you have vast eye relief but not an excellent magnification power, your scope can not perform its max till it gets the perfect pair of these two. Magnification allows you to have your target picture closer to its actual position, while the eye relief distance saves you from the rifle’s recoil. The pair of these two unique features make your shooting and hunting a profound experience. 

FFP vs SFP Type

There are two primary focal planes used in scopes; in FFP, the shooter gets the freedom to change the magnification setting. You can adjust it anywhere you feel comfortable. On the other hand, SFP doesn’t allow the shooter to do any change in magnification.

It only supports the one fixed setting of magnification. So SFP offers you a fixed and perfect view every time you use it, while FFO doesn’t do the same. But, if you aim for long-range shooting or hunting, you need to go with the FFP. 

Coating Type

Four types of coating come with scopes; if it’s coated, it means one single layer on the one lens; if it’s multi-coated, it means multilayers on one lens; if it’s fully covered, and it means the single coating on all the lens surfaces.

And if it is multi-coated, it means the multilayers on all the surfaces. So, always try to have fully multi-coated layers to protect your scope to the maximum level possible. All the given scopes I have added in this article keep the fully multi-coated coatings feature generously. 

Main Tube Size & Weight

The primary tube size plays a vital role in the final weight of the scope. The ideal primary tube size should not exceed 40 mm; it’s enough for long-range shooting and keeps your scope weight light.

But the more you increase the size of the tube, the higher the scope’s weight will be. And that is not good for shooting; it will question the stability and balance of hunting. So if you want to ensure that you get a stable and durable shooting practice, you need to choose the scope with lightweight.



After discussing all the facts and figures about the best .30-06 scopes, I can suggest the best choice for you: the Leupold VX-5HD 4-20x52mm Scope. It’s not costly; the Twilight management system of light transmission makes it a unique scope from the lot. I have been using this super excellent scope for years and found it the best choice I have ever made for my 30-06 Rifle.