How to Measure Scope Ring Height? A Comprehensive Guide

Last updated on January 28th, 2023 at 11:33 am

Usually, users only bother a little about scope ring height, which ultimately makes them suffer from improper mounting. It also affects the accuracy of targeting, and you eventually get no positive outcomes from your hunting and shooting. Measuring proper height can help you avoid this dilemma. How to measure scope ring height in the best possible way; you will find it below.

Multiple factors play crucial roles in determining the height, and you need to know them all. Moreover, I’ll talk about why to go in-depth for measuring height and what it can do for your hunting and shooting. Once you read the last passage, you will become a pro and can tell others about the measurement of scope ring height. Let’s jump into the details right now.

Why is Scope Ring Height Important?

Why is Scope Ring Height Important

Getting the slowest mounting to the bore without touching the rifle is the best way to mount a scope on the rifle. You need to be careful while attaching the ring to the scope, and if the objective bell strokes the barrel, it can play havoc with the scope. You can get help from the scope ring height calculator.

The formula we have given below can also save you from these mistakes, and you can get the proper height measurement. The scope ring height calculator brings you the finest figures for flawless mounting. 

Two Methods to Measure Scope Ring Height

Measuring scope ring height will be OK after going through the data below. However, you must figure out the manufacturer of scopes and rings to pick the proper roadmap. A universal rule you should always follow is choosing rings of larger size than the scope height. Suppose the scope height you measured is 20mm; you are good to select the ring and base combo higher than 20mm. 

Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, you must do good research before placing the final order. If we look at the common scope ring height, it consists of 11mm with a 3.8 inches combination. 

1) Measuring from Base to Ring Edge

Measuring from Base to Ring Edge

If you measure from base to ring edge, there is a tricky way to follow. Suppose your scope tube size is 30mm; add 15mm to both rings and base. Moreover, if the scope tube size is 1, you must add 12.7mm to the scope base and rings. If it works up to the mark, you can use the second method below.

2) Measuring from Base to Ring Center

It would help if you took the base height and added the ring height. If you find that the combo you develop is higher than the scope height, it is the best combo you should avail yourself of. However, it would help if you chose the combo with the most miniature figures but higher than the scope height. You can also learn it from the scope ring height chart. 

Scope Height Measurement Tool

You can find multiple tools for scope height measurements in the market. The right height scope tool is one of the most used ones. However, if you cannot afford a tool, you can follow the formula. It goes like OR – TR – BH = MRH. It is the most straightforward formula to get your desired measurements. When learning to measure scope ring diameter, you must first understand the procedure. 

Scope Height Measurement Tool

Here the OR represents Objective Radius, TR stands for Tube Radius, BH goes for Base height, and MRH shows the Minimum Ring Height. So, it is how to measure scope ring height without asking for help from an expert. 

Other Factors to Consider

There are other factors you need to know while mounting the scope on the rifle. Sometimes, you need an extra height for better mounting to ensure clarity. In most cases of 50mm objective lenses, you can add an extra 8mm. The scope ring height explained will help you get a smooth scope ring height. Before I give you, a wrap-up notes, you can read the Athlon Argos BTR 6 review

Final Thoughts

How to measure scope ring height? I hope you got the answer to get the figures of your own. You can follow the two different methods depending on the manufacturers. If you want a perfect mounting of the scopes, you must know the science behind the scope ring height. So getting the proper ring height figures can help you in the mounting process for the ultimate eye relief and to avoid scope bites.

How tall scope rings for 50mm?

It depends on the scope mounts, and one thing you need to ensure is that the ring’s height will always be higher than the scope height. So, getting a scope ring an inch or a half an inch taller than the scope height. You can get the best outcome with this combo. However, 0.300 inches will go smoothly for it.

What ring height for 40mm scope?

You can follow the exact technical details for the answer to this question. However, if you get 0.270 inches of scope rings, you can avail the desired outcomes. If you noticed that I have been emphasizing keeping the ring size taller than the scope height for accurate results, or else you may find the process is futile.

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