How to Adjust Parallax on Rifle Scope?

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:31 pm

The parallax option enables the shooter to get the rifle scope reticle on the same focal plane of the target image. Usually, it is handy for long-range shooting and hunting. You won’t need parallax adjustment if you are shooting under 150 to 200 yards, but it becomes inevitable for the ultimate perfect shot with maximum eye relief on the extended ranges.

In this article, I’ll help you with all the queries relating to the parallax adjustment. How to adjust parallax on rifle scope and what is the need of changing it. It removes the confusion of target acquisition and creates an equation that makes every shot count as a sure kill. To know the secret of getting maximum benefit, you need to lend your eye to the details below.

How to Set Parallax on Rifle Scope?

Usually, people consider that the parallax adjustment has nothing to do with accurate shot placement, but it is not true. Whenever you aim for long-range shooting, your eye cannot make it up with the range itself, and it needs the exact parallax adjustment of the scope to get the clear and precise target image.

So, now we’ll discuss the simple steps that will enable you to adjust parallax on rifle scope yourself without hiring any professional service.

How Parallax Affects Your Vision?

Before we head towards the adjuster process of parallax, let’s get to know how parallax affects your vision and how you come to understand that the parallax needs an adjustment. When you focus on your target and the image is not sharp and clear in all aspects, your reticle is not aligned, and it goes out of focus.

That is the point your parallax asks for adjustment. It is because parallax comes under the eye and the projected image comes from the ocular lens with the help of light transmitted by the objective lens.

How Parallax Works?

The process begins from the objective lens; it collects the light and transmits it to the prisms. There it reflects and goes straight to your eye. But the point between your eyes and that projected image is parallax. So with a slight movement of your head, it gets disturbed, you lose the focused image, and it gets blurry.

In short to mid-range shooting, your brain handles everything itself and manages the parallax, but when it goes to long-range, you need a proper understanding of how to adjust parallax on the rifle scope.

Do I Need Parallax Adjustment?

It depends sometimes, you need to adjust the reticle well, and there is no need to change the parallax, especially when it comes to short-range shooting or hunting. Reticle adjustment is not rocket science. All it takes is to mount the scope on your rifle, stay behind it, keep a smooth position, and look through the scope at 5 to 10 yards max.

For knowing the art of mounting with perfection, you can read how to mount a scope on ar 15. After mounting, you now need to adjust the ring that your scope is focusing on. Then, when it gets clear and unmistakable, there you are, good to go to take a shot.

Adjust Parallax on a Scope Step by Step

There are three simple steps you need to follow to get a perfect parallax adjustment. Before heading to that, you should adjust the rifle on a smooth surface and mount it well. For enjoying a blameless adjustment of the rifle, you can consider reading how to adjust a rifle scope. So, let’s not waste a second more and begin the show with the first step in the row. 

How to Adjust Parallax on a Scope Step by Step

Step 1: Focus on Eyepiece

First of all, fix your scope well with an excellent mount. Then, test your scope yourself and ask someone else to do the same for the accurate fixation. It is just like handing over your repaired bike to test the skills of the artisan. Twice checking will eliminate the minor gaps of improvement at earlier stages.

After that, adjust the reticle well, and look through the scope to a backdrop. You can get aside for a second, and we do the practice to get a more focused and clear image. If there is any discrepancy, rectify it according to your eyepiece. You need to repeat the process until your eye says that the image is perfect, and your eyes do not have to put extra effort into getting it. 

When you need to know how to adjust parallax on a rifle scope with the ultimate perfection, you must ensure the reticle position is best for your eye and overall posture.

Step 2: Use of Parallax Adjustment 

Once you are done with the repetition of scope and retailer adjustment, now you are ready to use the parallax adjustment in your best interest. Lock in the settings, and concentrate on the objective lens and side focus. It is one of the primary essentials of adjusting parallax on a rifle scope, and marking the distance in meters or yards is necessary.

Before going further, check the lenses well and clean them well to get clear and sharp images. Now, ensuring integrity, move your head left to right, and close your eyes and reopen them to provide the adjustable objective effect is reduced over time.

Now, take a deep look through the center of the scope, assess the difference in your head, eyes, and overall posture face every time. Of course, you have to minimize it as much as you can. Now take a target and fix the distance range that can go up to 1000 yards maximum. Finally, use the max power of magnification and objective lens and find the point that provides the ultimate clear image.

Step 3: Calibrate the Side Focus for Exact Distance

Distance markings help you calculate the range perfectly, and you can either go for yards or meters. Do not worry; if you want to switch the measurement, keep rotating and adjust till it seems perfect.

Then, turn the dial, and make sure the parallax is gone. To avoid backlash, dialing the side focus helps enormously, and you need to keep it dialing up, and when it cow.s to a point, now dial down for locking the target.

Dialing the side focus from up to down always helps you cover the short to long-range target acquisition. Never go from down to up, or else you’ll have to start it all over again. Moreover, when you change the magnification, you can likewise get a blurry image. Calibrate the side focus as discussed in the above lines, and get the image back on track.

Magnification is one of the essential tools to get you a clear, crisp, and sharp image. So, keep its variation smooth while focusing on an object at a long distance. So, this is how you can easily adjust parallax on rifle scope and get lag-free and snag-free images non-stop.

Some Extra Tips for Perfect Parallax Adjustment

When selecting a rifle scope, always make sure you hold it physically and thoroughly check its adjustment settings. Do not rely on the specifications only. It is the handiest tip when it comes to how to adjust parallax on the rifle scope. Then set your scope on zero and try to look through it. If you feel satisfied with the adjustment settings and the lens quality, you are good to go for the scope.

Some Extra Tips for Perfect Parallax Adjustment

You can also go for a fixed objective to avoid parallax, as its factory settings do not allow parallax to destroy your image. Moreover, the cheek weld position helps you get the maximum centering herewith lens axis to ensure a comfortable and affluent posture. Cheek weld grips well around the scope and is very handy for long-distance shooting. 

When you repeat the process repeatedly, it helps you know the settings well, and you can adjust the parallax in seconds after attaining mastery in it.



I hope you got the answer to how to adjust the parallax on the rifle scope. If you follow the instructions we explained above; there is no point that you cannot achieve the ultimate clear and sharp image. No matter if the picture gets blurry because of your head’s movement, just by dialing the side focus up to down, you can easily set it down on the original target point. Initially, it’ll take some extra time to justify the job well, but after having some practice, you can do it in seconds.