Best Binoculars for Elk Hunting Review

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:31 pm

Hunting the Elks is not an easy job; they are not like the deer. It requires a unique set of skills with high-class hunting equipment to take down one. It can take hours for you to find an Elk in the jungle, and after seeing one, you might have to run after that for another set of long hours. They live in long open areas, and to spot them in that vast area, is not a piece of cake.

Before you pack your bags for going out on elk hunting, make sure you are in excellent health, and you are a person who can run for hours without losing your temper. After that, you need to check that you have the best binoculars for elk hunting along with other necessary equipment for making the job done.

So, be tolerant, and be vigilant. While on the field, you’ll indeed find the one that will come for you to get your tonight’s meal. So, let’s find out the 3 best elk hunting binoculars I fetched for you in this article.

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  1. Bushnell H2O Roof Prism Binoculars
  2. VANGUARD Endeavor ED 10×42 Binocular
  3. Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD Binoculars

So, before you think of elk hunting, you need to make sure some things, which are those, get to know them below.

3 Best Budget Binoculars for Elk Hunting

As we discussed above, you need to gather three essential things before you think of hunting an elk. Perfect health, Tolerance, and the best binoculars for elk hunting. Now, how would you find binocular which is the best for the purpose?

This article will provide you with the best affordable binoculars for elk hunting, and some bonus tips go to the optimum results. Let’s grab the first binocular from the list.

1) Bushnell H2O Roof Prism Budget Binocular for Elk Hunting

Bushnell H2O Roof Prism Best Budget Binoculars for Elk Hunting
  • Premium BaK4 Prisms with Multi-Coated Lens
  • Quick Adjusting Eyecups
  • 100% Fog & Waterproofing
  • Highest Quality Construction Material for Rugged Performance
  • HD Quality within a Low Budget
SpecificationTested Value
Eye relief17 mm
Exit pupil4.2 mm
Magnification power10x
Objective lens diameter42 mm
Close focus12 ft

Bushnell company has an unshakable reputation which it earned by producing some exceptional optical aids over the years. If you are looking for the best binoculars for elk hunting or deer hunting, you are reading the right review page for sure.

You get the best return for your investment in the shape of the MC lens with the highest quality construction for extraordinary performance and durability. You need to take a deep look at the traits I have explained below; these are amazing. 

BaK4 Prism with Multi-Coated Lens

Apart from the premium BaK4 prisms, it submits the multi-coated optics for the ultimate safety of the binocular. Featuring this rare combo, it values the brightness and clarity of the image. It keeps the colors up to the mark and leaves no stone unturned in furnishing the optimum quality view.

It comes under the cheap binoculars for hunting with good quality and dependability. Moreover, it keeps your eye in the relaxation zone by furnishing a compatible binocular that suits the job.

Quick Adjusting Eyecups

These glassing binoculars are full of ultra-premium features, and the eyecups are so easy to adjust on your eye. The pair of eye cups with an easy-to-handle knob for adjustment is a rare breed. You can fix them on your glasses, and it allows you to enjoy the view with shades.

Quickness and swiftness is an indispensable requirement for the clear, crisp, and precise image of the object. Elk moves faster; you can engage it with the fast-moving and rapid target acquisition binoculars. It gets you an image that comes with absolute clarity and improved light.

Fog & Waterproofing

The moisture of nitrogen gas and the O-ring seal do not allow the water and fluid substances to enter lenses. The O-ring seal helps the lens withstands watery elements directly, and it resists harmful objects well enough. Additionally, the nitrogen purged technology eliminates the humidity, fog, and liquid components from inside the lenses that have already made their way to get in.

So, to keep your mind in peace and to get rid of this terrible issue, you should select the binocular that offers an unshakable and trustworthy system for water resistance.

Get this benefit with a winning margin by acquiring a binocular from the best compact binoculars under $200. In this article, the pairs of binoculars are durable, solid, and low in price. 

Quality Construction Material for Rugged Performance 

The highest quality design with durable construction material makes it the best binoculars for elk hunting. It can survive in severe weather ailments and allows you to go after elk for hours long.

However, Elk is not an easy prey ever; it tests your patience, it asks you to do hard work to get it. So, without a binocular of solid stock material, it won’t be easy to hunt an elk conveniently. 

HD Quality Image within a Low Budget

The best quality optics featuring the HD quality image within a low budget is every hunter’s dream. The Bushnell H2O Roof Prism can meet this criterion.

Let me tell you, good binoculars for elk hunting never submit their integrity because of their low budget. And that’s what Bushnell H2O does for you. It furnishes enhanced light that no other binocular does in this much low budget.

You can also have this attractive trait within 100 bucks, and for buying one click on the best compact binoculars for under $100. This article will tell you about the cheap binoculars for hunting without compromising over the central hunting mechanisms.

Buying Decision

We have covered almost all the essential information regarding the best binoculars for elk hunting review. Now is the time for making a buying decision, and that goes on your discretion entirely.

It delivers a BaK4 prism with multi-coating on it, and the nitrogen purged technology boosts the life of binoculars beyond your expectations. However, to take your elk hunting to a noticeable successful point, you need to acquire the best high end binoculars for hunting.

2) VANGUARD Endeavor ED 10×42 Best Elk Hunting Binoculars

VANGUARD Endeavor ED 10x42 Best Elk Hunting Binoculars
  • Extra-Low Dispersion Glass for Highest Resolution and Brightness
  • BaK4 Phase-Coated Prism with FMC
  • Fog and Waterproof
  • Locking Diopter for Fast Focus Adjustment
  • Vast Magnification and Wider Objective Lens for Optimum Success
Magnification range10x
Objective lens diameter42 mm
Eye Relief16.5 mm
Close focus8.2 ft
Exit pupil4.2 mm
Field of view at 1000 yards340 ft
Weight1.61 lbs

Are you looking for the best binoculars for elk hunting? Probably it is the most acceptable product that I am going to talk about. The VANGUARD Endeavor ED 10×42 featuring ED glass for high resolution and accurate brightness settings- the BaK4 prism extraordinarily adds value to the view.

In addition, it gives 100% waterproofing to make you feel secure. Finally, the diopter locking for fast and quick focus adjustment is the latest aiding trait that you do not get in ordinary binoculars in the market. Let’s discuss all these handy elements in detail.

ED Glass for High Resolution and Brightness

Without extra-low dispersion glass, a binocular is not complete at all. The primary line feature enhances the resolution and provides you with the accurate brightness mixture to enjoy the elk image properly.

However, when you take the elk in focus and start moving, it goes behind bushes or in dark corners. And you are not able to see elk correctly; there, you will need a high-quality ED glass that supports your vision in dark mode and provides you with a clear image entirely snag-free.

To earn an excellent binocular having this great visual aid, you can consider choosing one of the best binoculars for hunting.

I added fully pre-tested and finest binoculars in this article for making your buying decision easy. Featuring extra light for better image quality makes than them genuine devices for the job.

BaK4 Phase-Coated Prism with FMC

Phase coated BaK4 prism along with the fully multi-coated lens improves the image quality exceptionally. And it ensures you get the edge-to-edge clarity of the object effortlessly.

When you buy a pair of binoculars, the most important thing you should look into in, the type of coating and lens quality. Because the lens is the game changes in elk hunting, the lens coating secures the glass surfaces from harmful objects from the outer environment.

It gives life to binoculars and saves your pocket by preventing you from frequently buying optical devices. Binocular is a blend of so many valuable tools; you should take care of them to get the image with improved light and better resolution.

Water and Fog proof

VANGUARD offers an excellent O-Ring seal that resists water, fog, and humidity well enough. It keeps the debris and dust particles away from optics and gets you a new lens every time you use it. It gives the advantage of using it in extreme weather conditions like fog, tornadoes, and rain.

You can go hunting elk in any of these situations with full faith. It works up to your expectations. The best binoculars for elk hunting is not too far, it is in your access, anytime, from anywhere. 

Locking Diopter for Fast Focus Adjustment

Usually, when you focus on the elk and start moving fast, you cannot make it up with its speed. And in this hurry, your focus gets disturbed. So, to compensate for this distraction and disruption, Vanguard submits the locking diopter that helps you fix a quick guide.

You do not have to fix it every time you use it, and it minimizes the difference between your left and right eye. So, let’s play safe and sound and leave your mark in elk hunting better than other hunter fellows. 

Vast Magnification and Wider Objective Lens

Magnification and objective lens diameter decide the fate of binoculars. These two are the top-line features, and every hunter looks for these before anything else in binoculars.

Vast magnification tells how far you can cover the target, and the objective lens helps collect light, especially in low light and dusk and dawn situations.

Here you get to know what size binoculars for elk hunting are needed and how to choose the numbers while buying new binoculars. 

Buying Decision

If you are looking for the best high end binoculars for hunting elk, you need power magnification, broader view support, and proper eye relief to make it up with the pace of the elk. Elk hunting is not that easy as you can get coyotes or deer.

It requires your attention, patience, quick eye focus, and high-profile equipment that can help you every step you follow the elk. It can take hours to hunt an elk, but it seems impossible to do it within a day without good binoculars for elk hunting. 

3) Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD, Good Binocular for Elk Hunting

Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD,  Good Binoculars for Elk Hunting
  • Advanced Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Argon Purged: Fog Proofing and Waterproofing
  • Focus Wheel with Diopter Ring for Focus Adjustment
  • Extra Twist Up and Comfortable Eye Cups
  • XLP Coating with E2ES System for Sharp and Crisp Images
Close focus6 ft
Eye relief22 mm
Objective lens diameter42 mm
Coating typeXLP coating
FOV at 1000 yards338 ft

It carries the name of Cronus, the king of optics. Athlon has always amazed the hunters by producing the best binoculars for elk hunting, deer hunting, and wildlife watching.

The Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD is good binoculars for elk hunting as it comes with the ESP coating and a vast field of view.

Moreover, featuring an accurate color brightness system that gives an ultra-premium touch to your vision. It also offers a bunch of other attributes; let’s read them below. 

Advanced Fully Multi-Coated Optics

An 8×42 binoculars for elk hunting can perform to their max if it has advanced fully multi-coated optics. The Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD has both 8x and 10x options; whichever suits your hitting style, you can go for that with full faith. It gives you better light, enhanced resolution, and authentic colors all around the light range.

In addition, it provides comfort to the eye and gets you an image quality out of the box. Make your image quality better by using a pair of binoculars that submits advanced coating all over the lenses.

Argon Purged for Fog & Water Proofing

Argon purged technology is convenient and very popular in the optics world. It eliminates the watery substances from the optics and cleans them for better performance. Sometimes, you have to use the binoculars in the rain, in jungles, or the mountain, all it takes to have the argon purged technology to purge it well.

Then, you can choose another binocular having the same feature as the best binoculars for wildlife viewing. It tells you about the optical options for wildlife chasing. 

Focus Adjustment with Diopter Ring

The diopter ring plays a vital role in compensating for the difference between the right and left eyes. It sets the balance and fixes the arrangement of binoculars right on the point. Moreover, a decent wheel comes under your finger; by moving it from one said to another, you can adjust the focus alignment.

This combo in whatever 10×42 vs 10×50 binoculars for elk hunting can amaze the hunter altogether. It keeps your focus up and allows you to minimize the difference that causes a missing of the target. 

Extra Twist Up and Comfortable Eye Cups

Eyecups are the main point that connects directly with your eyes. Whether your eyes get hurt or receive solace depends on the formation of eyecups cups. If you pick up the vortex crossfire binoculars for elk hunting or the Nikon for the same job, they are good enough.

But, when you go into a deep study of these two and the Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD, you find a shocking winning edge over them. It gives extra twist-up eyecups, which is inevitable for the relief of eyes. 

XLP Coating with E2ES System

The exterior lenses are as important as the inner ones. To protect them from oil, dirt, dust, debris, and other harmful particles, the Athlon Optics Cronus Roof Prism UHD delivers an excellent XLP coating on them.

And it gives courage to the lens for withstanding the fatal components and provides you with a glitch-free image of the target. It enhances hunting skills and makes you feel the valuable touches of binoculars.

Elk is an animal that moves so fast. It doesn’t give you time for cleaning the lens before you take it in focus range. So, it would help if you were quick and ready all the time, and your binoculars must be in good steady condition anytime you pick it up for taking a look at an elk. It takes the best binoculars for elk hunting every time. 

Buying Decision

Featuring the fast focus wheel, with an adjusting ring to improve the focus- with 100% waterproofing and advanced fully multi-coating on the optics. The call is yours, but if you consider all these traits once, you’ll feel good about having this.

Whether you want 12×50 binoculars for elk hunting or 8×42 binoculars, you get any of these without compromising quality performance. In 12x, you get an extra 25% of magnification power than 8×42. 

Buying Decision for the Top Binoculars for Elk Hunting

Elk hunting requires a set of skills and the best optical equipment. Mastery will come with practice, and practice will come with equipment.

So, these are contingent on each other. So, I have prepared this handy and straightforward seven-step buying guide to find the best binoculars for elk hunting.

In which you’ll learn all the nitty-gritty of the binoculars. So, let’s go into details of seven steps to develop the understanding that will make you earn the best budget binoculars for elk hunting.  

High-Quality Lens Coating

Lenses are the most sophisticated and sensitive parts of binoculars. And they need special care to deal with them. The best thing that can safeguard the lenses is the highest quality coating. It may be of aluminum, magnesium, or rubber.

Whatever you choose should be of standard material and have the ability to protect the lens quite well. Because the best results of image clarity primarily depend on it. And binoculars are made for providing images mainly.

Fog Proof & Water Proof

Another thing that affects the performance of binoculars is water and other liquid stuff. So, to prevent them, you should buy good binoculars for elk hunting that submits argon purged technology to remove all the watery elements from the optics.

It enhances the object’s visibility and gives you endless support to aim for distant hunting and wildlife watching. So, to enhance your elk hunting, you can consider this pair of binoculars in your search list.

ED Glass with Protective Solid Coating

Suppose you are following an elk, and it has gone behind the bushes or in dark corners. Now you need the extra light transmission system that compensates the dark mode for the perfect shot.

Extra low dispersion glass prevents the reflection of light, and it provides increased brightness with alluring contrast of colors that multiplies your elk hunting success by 100%. An excellent binocular always submits this handy aid generously. 

Locking Diopter for Fast Focus

The best binoculars for elk hunting always demand the locking diopter for fast focus and rapid target acquisition. It would help if you kept in mind that elk is a huge animal, but it runs very fast. To maintain you’re following with its running pace, locking the diopter helps you immensely.

It furnishes the adjustment ring that allows you to fix the focus as it fits in the scenario. When you get it on the proper adjustment, now you can get a focused image conveniently. 

Highly Adjustable Eye Cups

Eyecups are the portions that directly relate to your eye. If you want to hold the binoculars for long hours, as elk compels you to do so, you should buy the funicular that submits highly adjustable eyecups.

It saves your eyes from UV rays, and you can wear glasses on your eyes conveniently. A good pair of eyecups allow you to hunt an elk with or without glasses. 

Wider Objective Lens

The objective lens plays a significant role in assessing the target location, as it furnishes the right amount of light to your eye. The more you increase the size of an objective lens, the lighter it collects for you. But, it would help if you went for moderation because it affects the weight of binoculars a lot.

Heavyweight optical devices are never handy and hurt your eyes and nose poorly. And your hands get tired soon, so go for the lightweight one with a broader objective lens. The standard lens diameter should be 42 mm or more than this. 

Vast Magnification within Lightweight 

Suppose an elk is standing at a considerable distance from you, and you cannot observe it thoroughly. Then you need a powerful magnifier that stretches your range and allows your eyes to look beyond limits.

Using zoom in the option will enable you to watch the elk effectively, which was impossible with the naked eye. So, always ensure that the binoculars you are buying have 8x or 19x magnification because these are standard for elk hunting. 



After looking at so many good options in the market, and going through the top three in this article, choosing the best binoculars for elk hunting is quite tricky. But, don’t worry, I’ll help you with my suggestion and strong recommendation by picking up the one that I found the best out of these three, and that is none other than the Bushnell H2O Roof Prism Binoculars

It is an excellent and event choice within 100 bucks. It gives you HD resolution of images with fast focus adjustment knobs. It also furnishes the best coating on lenses to extend the life of lenses for years to come. Indeed, it is way more worth its price.