Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:31 pm

The scopes with 1-6x magnification are getting popular because no other combo offers the ideal versatility. When it comes to Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24, both have distinct features and technical details. These two are excellent to use with ARs because of their sizes and other details. If you are looking for a scope to take your tactical performance up, you reach the right comparison page. 

This Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24 scopes review is 100% unbiased. After reading it in full, you’ll be able to know which one will better suit your needs. The Comparison will go side by side, and it will help you choose your running partner on the field. So, let’s not prowl around and head towards the table of content to set the tone.

Table of Content:

Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6x24

Specs Comparison Table

DescriptionVortex Strike EaglePrimary Arms
Eye relief3.5mm3.3mm
Field of view116.5-19.2110-19.3
Tube size30mm30mm
Adjustment graduation½ MOA½ MOA
Parallax setting100 yards100 yards
Windage and elevation140 MOA100 MOA

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 Vs Primary Arms 1-6

VortexStrike Eagle 1-6 Vs Primary Arms 1-6 are great optical aids and share identical and non-identical traits. When it comes to improving your hunting mastery, tactical performance, or shooting skills, these two have something special to take your game on.

This article will make things easier for you to understand the real secrets behind these two and help you choose one that can drastically turn the tables in your favor. So, let’s look at the details one after the other.

1) Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6

I tried to keep this Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24 review unbiased to the max. The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6 is a powerful and influential opt8cal tool on the field, and its technical details allow it to dominate the market with its fascinating facts and figures.

It is one of the best additions of Vortex so far, and millions of hunters, shooters, military personnel love to use this incredibly top-notch scope. So, let’s find out what makes it practical and influential. 

Powerful Magnification

The magnification range of the vortex strike eagle scope goes around 1 to 6x, which has no differences with primary arms. The magnification feature is one of the top leading factors to deciding on a scope, and it allows you to aim for long-range targets and get them down by having a clear vision. 

Suppose your target is not in your range and is not seamlessly visible with your naked eye. Now, the vortex strike eagle can fill this gap by offering you 6x magnification power. It allows you to enjoy six times closer target images by getting them in zoom form.

You can have bigger images by using this attractive feature with great power. However, if you want to learn about some other comparisons of vortex optics, the vortex venom vs. viper is one of the best; take a look to uncover the secrets behind it.

Objective Lens Size

The size of the objective lens is the key factor that ensures the collection of light to compensate for the low lighting conditions. The vortex strike eagle comes with a 24mm size, which is pretty good. It gathers the light and transmits the same through the tube to your eyecups. And that is the point you get to enjoy vibrant colors and improved light.

When it comes to Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24, both furnish the exact size of the objective lens. It is better to attain a moderate range of objective lenses, or else it may add extra weight to the scope’s body.

However, to have a 24mm objective lens with a 1-6x magnifier is the best combo. It can do wonders for achieving precision and accuracy. For example, if you get vortex strike eagle 3-18×44, you get 44 mm of the objective lens in this equation.

Vast Field of View

A vast field of view is the area you can see through your scope. When you put your eye on the eyecups, the vision area you get to see is referred to as the field of view. The vortex 1-6x comes with 110 ft, 19ft/100 yards, and it is pretty impressive. If you want to increase the field of view, you can try vortex strike eagle 5-25×56 for hunting or any other more oversized combo.

Vast Field of View

Durable Formation

The durable formation has no substitute, and the vortex strike eagle 1-6×24, vortex strike eagle 4-24×50, or any other vortex addition has the best construction for the ultimate durability. The aircraft-grade stock is the backbone of its solid building, and you can use it for years to come.

If you are looking for something convenient, durable, and robust, you can rely on the vortex strike eagle 1-6×24 scope without having a second thought. 

Fully Multi-Coated Lens

When it comes to Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24, these two are the best for having fully multi-coated optics. Fully multi-coated optics give you the best safeguard against all the extremities and harmful components, and it gets the multilayers on all the lenses and glass items in the scope. 

The vortex optics strike eagle has a substantial performance background in rough weather conditions. Whether there is rain, or dry, day or night, it can make it up with your needs to the max. Both vortex strike eagle and primary arms are super generous to offer you fully multi-coated optics for the ultimate protection and preservation. 

100% Waterproof

Whether you own vortex strike eagle 1-8×24, or Vortex 1-6×24, you will get to enjoy 100% waterproofing. I have been using various scopes for years, and Vortex has never disappointed me with its integrated and unbeatable body.

It has an inner mechanism that boosts the withstanding of the device against harmful objects. It is super good to provide you with the best results on AR 15. However, if you want to explore some more optical aids for AR 15, you can read the best iron sights for AR 15 . It will surely make you earn the finest visual aid within a low appropriation. 

Lightweight Building

When it comes to the weight of Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24, the primary arms take the lead over Vortex. However, as we look at the technical detailing of the Vortex and its powerful solid body, the weight is ideal. It has got a slim, innovative, and durable body.

The more effort you put into winning a lightweight scope, the higher the efficiency and efficiency will be. It comes with great optical support and strength to deal with pressures and tensions from the outer atmosphere. 

Quality and Price

The quality of vortex strike eagle 1-6 is unbeatable and indestructible. The stamina of this optical instrument has got nothing to question, and it adds flow to your fast target acquisition immensely. However, when it comes to price comparison with primary arms, it has three times more price than primary arms.

There is almost a difference of 100 dollars in prices of these two, and when you look at the richness of its application, the Vortex has a clear edge over primary arms. It is more powerful and precise and gets the ultimate clarity and transparency.

  • Single unit for the durability
  • Fully weather-resistant
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to use application
  • Best for fast target acquisition
  • Luxury product asks for a heavy price

2) Primary Arms 1-6×24

Primary Arms 1-6x24

This Primary arms 1-6×24 review will help you fully understand the scope. By the time you go down, you’ll get a clear idea of all the thick and thins of this optical device. I prepared this Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24 comparison by adapting a much unbiased approach to enable you with the most delicate information. So, let’s find out the details of the primary arms below.

Powerful Magnification

As we mentioned above, the magnification of this primary arms 1-6×24 ffp raptor is equal to the vortex strike eagle. The max magnification of 6x gets a bigger image of the object from a long distance, and you can easily lock in the prey with the max clearness.

Whether you needprimary arms 1-6×24 22lr, or any other combo, the 6x magnifier power is more than enough to achieve the max results on the field. However, if you are interested in sending some beautiful hunting gifts to your hunter, you can give a read to the best gifts for hunters

Objective Lens Size

The objective lens size of this primary arms scope is 24mm, and it is pretty impressive to earn the desired results. When it comes to vortex strike eagle vs. primary arms, both have the same size, but the amount of light these two collect is not the same. However, you can get a clear vision with no significant flaw. 

It is the best optical aid to use in the daytime, but not so pro for night use. Moreover, when it comes to budgetary lines, it has so limited. It saves you money and submits the max quality with an extra amount of light. 

Vast Field of View

Field of view is one of the top leading characteristics to defend the fate of the optical device. It is the view that you get to see through your scope. It is never the same and varies with the change in technical details of the scopes. If you look at the details of Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24, Vortex strike eagle has a better and vast field of view than primary arms.

If I have to choose one from primary arms vs vortex scope to enjoy the max field of view, I will go with vortex optics. But, it is not a low-budget scope like a primary arm. So, the more you want a luxury experience, the more you need to spend; it is the universal formula.

Durable Formation

Durable formation adds value to your hunting, shooting, and tactical performances. If you are fed up with investing your money in sub-standard optical devices and want to eliminate this terrible issue, you can rely on primary arms.

Durable Formation

However, if you want to use something more substantial than this primary arm, you need to read this primary arms vs. vortex review to the end. It will surely lead you towards a reasonable conclusion. However, if you want to explore some optical options for night vision clarity, you are good to lend your eyes to the Best Night Vision Goggles

Fully Multi-Coated Lens

A fully coated lens means you get multiple layers of aluminum for the ultimate protection and security of the lenses and glass surfaces. And when it comes to Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6×24, both companies are very generous to deliver the max safety for the optics. You do not need to worry about your investment, and once you purchase it, it will go a long way ahead with you.

100% Waterproof

If you are looking for 100% waterproofing, fog proofing, and shock proofing in scope, I hope this vortex strike eagle vs. primary arms 1-6 will help you find one. When I used the primary arm myself for the first time, it stunned me with its range of features to withstand the weather extremities.

The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy has left no corner with obscurity and gets the kick out of your hunting and shooting ventures. If you get to save some pennies at the waterproofing cost, you should avoid such savings. Fortunately, the primary arms submit this neat feature with no opaqueness. 

Lightweight Building

Check out the technical details of vortex strike eagle vs primary arms access, or test them out yourself before placing the purchase order. You’ll know that the immediate arm is far lighter in weight than the vortex strike eagle. It is straightforward to mount on the rifle, and you can carry it anywhere you want with no obstacles.

It adds a lasting smoothness and great flow to your fast target acquisition. If you are looking for something that attracts your eyes and hands with a lightweight but attractive design, you are good to invest in this beautiful and valuable optical assistance. 

Quality and Price

Quality and price have an inevitable connection, and you cannot have one without the other one. So, if you need luxury optical assistance to want the highest quality product, you have to pay for that. However, the primary arms are best to submit quality images with vibrant colors and extra brightness.

On the other hand,when it comes to the Vortex Strike Eagle Vs. price tags. Primary Arms 1-6×24, the primary arms charge significantly less than the vortex strike eagle. All you need to spend around less than 300 bucks to win this phenomenal visual aid.

  • Lightweight body
  • Easy to carry
  • An ideal device for beginners and intermediates
  • Solid formation with no clear flaw
  • 100% weather resistance
  • The reticles need to be improved a bit more
  • No clear information about its diverse material mix

Vortex Strike Eagle Vs Primary Arms 1-6 Review

I hopethe information. I shared about vortex strike eagle 1-6 vs. primary arms 1-6, which will help you in feet and the nitty-gritty of these two scopes. Most features are the same such as the magnification, the size of the objective lens, and the size of the main tube. On the other hand, the windage adjustment, elevation adjustments, knobs placement, and the field of view are different.

When we look at the weight of these two, the vortex strike eagle is a solid, heavier weight, and super-visual solid device than primary arms. Moreover, there is a massive disparity in the price of these two, and you have to pay almost 100 plus bucks to attain vortex strike eagle scope.



The most overrated question is; which one is better, Vortex Strike Eagle vs. Primary Arms 1-6×24, so there are no hard and fast rules to claim it, but if you need precision, accuracy, a solid device with heavier weight and have and are ready to invest higher price, you are good to consider Vortex Strike Eagle.
However, if you want something moderate, low budget, but with good optics, you can go for Primary arms. However, I used them both and found them great optical choices. But, if I have to pick one out, I will suggest you go for Vortex Strike Eagle. It can answer all your needs with no significant shortcoming and has almost all the traits for having a clear, crisp, and clear vision.